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Forum Member of the Week: AVBG

Q.- What got you into bodybuilding?

picture-1> When I was about 15 (in the late eighties) I got into weight training to prepare for a international schoolboy rugby union tour. I needed strength and size to be competitive against bigger kids. I was training without a program three days per week at my school's gym, it was basically a universal multigym machine system (bench, shrugs, machine squats, cable upright rows, cable curls, dips). I really enjoyed the results and the competitive nature of the team  training around me, I had no idea of nutrition and one of the other players in the team really spurred me on as he was really well defined and developed (for his age 17) he would have walked around at 5% bodyfat year round! From there I got really into it and at a news stand I saw my first bodybuilding magazine (FLEX) and it had Lee Haney on the cover (stage pic taken from 1988 Olympia). My jaw hit the ground and thats where the obsession started. In Australia especially around that time we'd wait many months before we knew who won any show but I'd start buying the mags and use the "pro routines" in there. After a 2 years of three day a week training (using basically a full body 5x5 routine) I decided to throw my my hat in and do a teenage show.. Mr Western Suburbs (IFBB/NPCA). Preparing for that show I was training at a hardcore gym in Sydney (City Gym) and under the guidance of a trainer named Billy K (still a trainer in the gym -25 year veteran) I placed first in the teenage class.


> Q.- You're natural, right?

> 100% natty... I realised a long long time ago that I don't have the genetic tools to be successful at a national amateur level..(narrow shoulder structure) and made a decision to stick with training drug free, I just didn't see the point of "spinning my wheels" amongst genetically stronger competitors and risking the possible side effects of being on the gear. The gear available in Australia is probably lightyears in difference  to what's available in the states in terms of quality and consistency- so if I will only be battling for a plastic trophy I picture-2didn't see the point of relying on these drugs. You know Aaron, I really dig the regimented lifestyle and kinda enjoy seeing my body change in dieting mode and drugs are not needed for me to continue that. I have known many enhanced trainers that simply stop training when their gear is finished, they would never step into a gym if  they were clean. I train and do cardio nearly everyday without having to worry about shit like that and if I do need to take some time off or a day here or there, I wont have to worry about the head games that juicers go through.


> Q.- Why not man-up and do it for REAL?

> lolz.. I could ask you the same question? Doing it my way means I only get back what I put in..whatever results I get means that I am not questioning whether it's driven by pharmacology.. That's pretty real in my eyes. I'm in it for the long haul, it's part of my lifestyle - it's pretty real training in my garage at 4:30 in the morning.


> Q.- How did you find RxMuscle?

> I have been on bodybuilding forums for the best part of this decade.. Getbig, Mayhem, bb.com, intense muscle, md, anabolex (and many others - too many to list) keeping up with the Pro scene and I was here from day one when the MD split occured, I was infact on a permaban from MD when it happened so I was quite happy to get involved with RX as it was developing first from Muscleplace, its no secret that I am a bb multimedia junkie and was asked by Dave to lead the natty forum.


>Q. - Do you have any outside RX muscle involvement with the bodybuilding industry?


picture-4> Good question Aaron. Yes, I have been involved with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly since the end of it's first season to help out with their internet promotions of the show and locally getting the word out about the shows existance and also as a correspondent when the Aussie pro show is in town. I also assist Tony Doherty (Aus promotor) in getting the info and posters out in Sydney and hype the Pro show online. Most recently I have been appointed as a writer for AMI FLEX/M&F (local versions) and have submitted 4 articles to date (to be printed from Sept issues), I am really trying to push the profile of Aussie pro's locally and abroad making sure that the content in our local mags is not soley spin offs from the U.S edition. Leigh Carmichael and I recently did a photoshoot and article featuring IFBB Pro Ivan Sadek at his local gym that is truly hardcore - actual workout recorded and shot with real intensity and weights. Leigh and I will be following Ivan's progress toward the Dubai Pro show later in the year and will have a video camera handy to do an In the Iron Asylum (Aussie style) maybe for RX Muscle.. So Jumbo/Romano..You interested?


I got to say a big thanks to Dan Solomon of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly. Dan has been a mentor of mine for a few years now,has always given me great advice over the years.. I remember when I was posting on MD about Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and my Getbig troll was getting the better of me, I was heavily critizing Heavy Muscle Radio and really wearing out my welcome.. I got an email from Dan saying something like.. "Hey Alex, calm down over there - (on MD) John and I are cool..Don't be so harsh..when you're there like it or not your representing PBW and I don't want them to think that I am directing the tirade" - So that was a defining moment and represented a big change in the way I handled myself on bodybuilding message boards.



>Q. - Do you have any bodybuilding goals that you are striving for?


picture-3> Yeah, I am taking an extended off season and I am currently working with PJ Braun this offseason to put on some serious mass before setting foot on stage in 2012.. Progress in the last month has been good. I last competed in March at 194lbs (six foot even) and right now I am at 228lbs. I am keeping a close eye on the bodyfat levels but really enjoy having PJ's input (even if he doesn't like answering my emails.. j/k)



>Q. - What mistakes have you learned from in your time training?

> The most important thing I have learned is that in order to make progress as a bodybuilder I need to be a bodybuildereating solid 6 meal a day. Training without good nutrition wont bring in the results and the constant improvement.

> Q.- Ever eat Kangaroo meat? Tasty?

> I have eaten kangaroo meat, its good and lean but it's not on my day to day menu, tastes a bit too "gamey" for my liking, leave it for the Japanese and American tourists lol.



> Q. - What do you think of the dynamics of the RX Muscle message board?


> I believe we are fucking lucky to have a place like this. Where women trainers can post (relatively) free of negative comments and also Nattys can mix it up and be taken seriously as hardcore trainers.. The legendary BLP has been one of my biggest supporters in my training, the respect he has shown me (and countless others) has been inspirational. I really think he's one of the coolest guys posting.. Big Sexy/Lou is a champ who can dish it and take the crap like no other, SallyAnne is a doll and Big NYC Mike is a good buddy who's great at responding to my silly mod questions. But in general, I really like the OffTopic board regulars (Curt, Maz,TPT,TightBooty ect all) they crack me up.