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Clash of the Sexagenarians- Bill Grant vs Leon Brown!

Could You Imagine Two Guys Who Competed in the 1973 Mr. America Facing Off Again at the 2011 IFBB New York Pro!


Just imagine......  You're sitting in the audience at the 2011 IFBB New York Pro and a very special guest named Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out onstage and says, "Ladies and gentleman, tonight we have a special feature presentation.  Two men that I trained with back in the 70s; two guys who were with me before Pumping Iron; two guys who competed together in the 1973 Mr. America; two great bodybuilders now in their 60s are here tonight to face off against each other in an unprecedented comeback.  I want you all to help me welcome back to the stage my two former training partners Bill Grant and Leon Brown!"


Could it happen?  Hmmmmmmmmm.........   First of all, who are these guys and why would Arnold care?


Bill Grant was one of Arnold's first training partners when he arrived in Venice, CA.  They had met one day and Bill mentioned to Arnold where he was living.  The next morning, at the crack of dawn, Arnold was

Bill_Grant__004__ BILLGRANT-today
Bill Grant in his prime Bill Grant today

knocking on his door to go work out! Over the years Bill has proven himself to be one of bodybuilding's

most durable personalities. He made his mark in the pre "Pumping Iron" days, an era that started it all and was popularized by fellow legends such as Frank Zane, Larry Scott and of course Arnold. Bill Grant has been an innovator right from the beginning of his career. He was the first bodybuilder to introduce special effects in his posing routine such as strobe lighting, fog, colored lights and upbeat music because he felt bodybuilding was not only a sport but should be entertaining as well. He went on to win the Mr. America in 1972 and the Mr. World in 1974.  At 63 years of age Bill is still involved in bodybuilding and still throwing down hard.  Any of you reading this would kill to have his arms hanging out of your shirt sleeves.  When we asked him about making a comeback he didn't say no.  Could the 2011 New York Pro be in his future???  Could a showdown with Arnold's other favorite training partner be a reality??

LeonBrownPrime LeonBrown-today
Leon Brown Leon Brown today

At 62 years of age, Leon Brown is much more than a vocal impression of Jeff "The Producer."  He was one of Arnold's favorite training partners who can still get Arnold on the phone any time he wants.  In fact, Leon has Arnold's personal cell phone (Bill Grant's phone number is reportedly on Arnold's refrigerator). When I asked Leon what would happen if he called Arnold and told him he was going to make a comeback and compete in the New York Pro (against Bill Grant) he said Arnold might show up to cheer them on!  Could you imagine?


While Leon did compete in the 1973 Mr. America with Bill Grant, they were in different height classes. At the New York Pro they would compete against each other in a special over 60 class. Today Leon is 190 lbs and has abs! He trains like he has for over 40 years - two hours a day, six days a week.  He can pull 500 off the floor for "a few" reps, does T-bar rows with 300 pounds, and squats 405 for reps with no wraps and no spotter! He told me competing again has been on his mind for a while now. He's been inspired by the competitors lately and has decided to make a comeback like the old school days,  setting his sights on the New York Pro; hopefully showing up at around 200 pounds. Would having Bill Grant standing next to him onstage help motivate him?  Absolutely!


So, what if?  What if these guys both agreed to come back and compete and face off at the 2010 New York Pro? Would you be interested?