The Quest For The Holy Pro Card: Kristen & Nicole Nagrani Determined To Make History

KN2Never in the history of the IFBB, has a parent and child earned an IFBB Pro Card on the same day. Actually, no mother/daughter or father/son have ever both accomplished jointly IFBB status. Some are getting close in Bodybuilding. Case in point, the Great Myth, Sergio Oliva and his gifted son Segio Oliva Jr. are getting very close to this monumental achievement. Some say they will be the first. However, if I was a betting man, my money would be placed on a Mother and daughter team that eat, train and live together in Daytona Beach, FL.

Meet the Nagrani family. When I say that this is a sports family it would be an understatement.  Dr. Mark Nagrani and his wife Kristen incorporated fitness into the daily life of their two children Mark & Nicole at a very young age.

Mark is a tri-athlete and running 10 miles a day followed by a 20 mile ride on his bike and a 5,000 yard swim a day is just part of a normal daily routine after he has spent the morning performing surgery. Their 17 year old son Mark is a competitive tennis player, an accomplished Nationally ranked wake boarder and hits the gym 6 days a week.




N5Daughter Nicole 18, is already in her second year of pre-med studies and has accomplished athletically a great deal in her life even at this early stage. Nicole was a National level cheerleader, a NPC Teen Fitness Champion at 14 and won the NPC Figure Teen Division at the 2009 NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup. This past spring, Nicole turned her attention to NPC Bikini and won the Overall Bikini Championships at the 2010 NPC New York Metropolitan Steve Sloan Championships. She beat a National level line-up and really commanded the stage.



















Kristen is the Mom every teenage boy wished lived next door. Simply put, Kristen’s body “rocks” and her recent success on the NPC Figure stage is proof of that. In the Spring of this year, Kristen not only won the Masters Division at the prestegious 2010 NPC Pittsburgh Championships but also won the Overall Open Figure Division. If you have ever had the privelage of meeting Kristen you know that the Energizer Bunny should worry about his job. With endless amounts of energy and determination, Kristen approaches life with the pedal to the metal. After putting in a full days work overseeing her and her husbands surgery centers, she hits the gym with the tenacity of a raging bull. She is focused on her quest. Kristen wants a Pro Card.



This weekend in New Jersey, the Mother and Daughter Team of Nagrani, sporting their Team Bombshell attire will be on a mission. The mission of obtaining IFBB Pro status of Figure for Kristin and Bikini for Nicole. A feat that no mother/daughter team has ever accomplished. They want to make history. Just imagine the media stories this accomplishment would generate. I know the odds are not in their favor. But like I said earlier, if I were a betting man, my money is on these girls to make history!

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