Quantum Physiques: (7/18/12): Best Selling Author, Dr. John Gray on Relationships, Testosterone, Sex & Health!



Quantum Physiques - Building Mind, Body and Spirit!

Hosted by Brian Cunningham!


CHEATING To Improve Your Relationship?  #1 Mega-Bestselling Author & Relationship Expert, John Gray, Ph.D., reveals who you should have a secret love affair with to improve all of your relationships! What's truly better for you: Monogamy or Polygamy? 


Discover simple ways to shift yourself into ALPHA MALE!  Plus: Learn how to boost the feel good chemicals in your brain to increase sex drive, improve your mood, and develop a stronger, more loving and intimate relationship with your spouse!


Join host Brian Cunningham and his personal friend and mentor Dr. John Gray, who has appeared on Oprah, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, and now, finally, Quantum Physiques Radio!



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