Spotlight on: Lindsay Mulinazzi


Lindsay Mulinazzi – The Fire of Life

by Derek Del Core

Bodybuilders have a certain reputation in pop culture. They are usually portrayed as dumb, vain, oblivious bores who are constantly flexing a bicep because they don't have any other skills. Female bodybuilders have it worse. They are seen as gross, manly, emasculating freaks that make everyone they come into contact with uncomfortable. Allow Lindsay Mulinazzi to change your mind. Ms. Mulinazzi is many things. Boring, however, is not one of them. Opinionated definitely is. "The perception of the 'female bodybuilder' is bullshit. For me, building my body is about empowerment."10849973 1080340318648384 3164782449720215118 n

For those who applauded the wonderful "#LikeAGirl" Super Bowl commercial, Lindsay "Fitness Inferno" Mulinazzi is your new favorite superhero. She combines the passion and discipline of bodybuilding with the eccentricity and creativity of an artist. The more you get to know her, the more you realize how special she actually is.

Mulinazzi's origin story is humble enough: she was always into athletics and begged her mom for a weight set in elementary school. She got her first set of free weights and bench in 6th grade to prepare to win the presidential fitness test. "I started training my whole body, and my upper body grew like a weed. I got the highest score in the school out of the boys and girls and received a plaque and a savings bond, which fueled my fitness desire."

For people with a preconceived notion of female bodybuilders, Mulinazzi is an enigma. She driven, but likes to have fun, grounded but playful. She definitely doesn't like to be bored. "I have lived a lot of life and I want to share that with [people]. You have to develop a personality or else you feel lost." Her interests are varied and many: music, real estate, do-it-yourself projects and fashion design were just some of the topics we mentioned at one point during our chat. "I designed my own outfit and routine for my first show. I was pretty proud of that."
Mulinazzi's parents divorced when she was 5. At 13 her mom got very sick, so she had to live with my grandparents in high school. At 18 she moved to California and then at 20 to Maryland to study Fashion merchandising, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Business at the University of Maryland. While in college, a workout partner and mentor, Sherwood, secretly signed her up for her first fitness show. "To this day he denies it, and laughs if I mention it, because he sees how far I have taken it."

DSC 3149 UIJPKXXXCZMulinazzi's last show was in 2013 but she will return to the stage sooner rather than later. She's "just looking for the right show." In between training, Lindsay began working on "the business of her body." She is a fitness model and a video editor. She runs her website and edits all of the clips on it as well as her "seelindsaylive" Youtube pages. "I just like keeping busy. You have to want to learn to get what you want!" She even recently appeared on "The Steve Harvey Show" in a few segments. "To say bodybuilders aren't 9 to 5 types is an understatement," she exclaims. "I make my opportunities where I can and just try to enjoy and learn from them."

Lindsay has cultivated a unique array of skills that have made her anything but a stereotypical meathead. She has created her worth in an industry that can be misunderstood. "I like to be appreciated for the hard work I've put into my interests as well as my physique. Personality and muscle can take you a long way."

She prides herself on being a self-made successful Competition Prep coach in Northwest Houston. She would love to thank her mentors for the time they have spent teaching her the skills she uses every day, Ameen Alai, Todd Sweeney, Dave Palumbo, Kevin Levrone, Toney Freeman, and Chris Cormier. "I have had the unique opportunity to learn from the best, and I practice what I preach and stay in great shape year round. Not many people in the world can say or do that." She states that she has competed for 19 years and the competition journey has been the best tool for learning my craft and becoming one of the best.

She specializes in Extensive Customized Nutrition, supplement and training programs, as well as choreography, unique music design and posing. She works with people of all fitness levels, but has had the great opportunities to help a number of NFL players such as the great Hall of Fame tight end and CBS analyst, Shannon Sharpe. She designed the Nutrition and Training program for Bad Boy recording artist Mase. She also had one of her trainers go on the road with Mase to implement the program she designed for his body transformation.lindsaymulinazzi1434332

Mulinazzi has been seen in countless photos and videos over the years and continues to be one of the most photographed and filmed bodybuilders and physique models in history. She has to turn photographers and videographers away. Her experience in modeling as well as competing has gained her a great reputation for artistic and flawless posing. She helps a ton of aspiring bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilding competitors with posing every day. "Recently, I have taught posing and designed routines for several females who have turned pro in the NPC Physique Division. It is a passion of mine that was inspired by my love for dance and music since my childhood. As she laughs, she states, "I used to be one of the best break dancers and pop dancers in my area in junior high. I am lucky to be able to use that dance and music passion in the fitness industry."

You can see free videos of Lindsay on her youtube page: www.youtube.com/seelindsaylive and you can reach out to Lindsay through her website email at www.FitnessInferno.com. Lindsay also does phone consultations which you can set up through her other website www.hardcoremuscletalk.com.

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