Spotlight On: Tracy Hess IFBB Pro

Category you compete in: Women's Physique
Date of bir1th: December 6, 1965
Hometown: Philadelphia , Pa
Career: Business owner Personal training business, model, actress , T-Zone Diva competition team coach

Competition history: 
Career highlights
*1997 Power Group organization “Fitness” 14th Place.
*1998 NPC Philadelphia Classic “Bodybuilding 3rd Place.
*1998 Power Group Organization “Bodybuilding 2nd Place.
*1999 NPC Philadelphia Classic 1st Place. &overall, best poser
*1999 A.N.B..C Organization 1st Place. &overall, best poser
*2000 NPC Lehigh Valley championships 1st Place. &overall, best poser
*2000 A.N.B.C. Nationals Florida 4th Place. Best calves
*2001 NPC Pa. States Championship 1st Place Heavy, & overall
*2002 NABBA North American 1st Place. Heavy
*2002 NPC Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals 4th Place Heavy
*2003 NABBA Jr. Nationals 1st Place. & overall
*2003 NABBA Nationals 1st Place & overall
*2004 NPC USA Championship 4th Heavy
*2005- 2007 retired
*2008 comeback!
*2008 NPC Keystone Championship 1st Place Heavy, 1st Place. Masters
*2008 Pa. States 1st Place Heavy & 1st rxgirl3Place Masters
*2008 NPC Philadelphia & Tracey Greenwood Championship 1st Place Heavy.
*2008 NPC Team Universe Nationals 5th Place.
*2009 NPC Team Universe 13th Place
*2012 NPC Brandy-wine Classic 1st Place Heavy & Overall
*2012 NPC Eastern USA Masters 2nd Place & Heavy class 3rd Place
*2013 NPC Teen Collegiate Master Nationals 6th Place Heavy
*2013 IFBB North Americans Women's Physique 2nd Place (Received Pro Card)
*2014 IFBB Tampa Pro Women's Physique 9th Place out of 38 women
*2014 IFBB Master's Pro Women's Physique 6th Place out of 18

Next competition: IFBB New York Pro

In your opinion, how important is motivation and confidence when aiming to accomplish a goal?
It is very important, without motivation there is no drive to accomplish any goal. They work hand in hand.

In your eyes, what combination of hard work and natural ability is needed to reach the top?
In order to reach the top you have to be extremely hungry, determined and aggressive, willing to put the time in... that means sacrificing everything ! Like no parties, no parties, oh did I say no parties :)

What are some morxgirl4tivational strategies that have or currently work for you? Some of the motivational strategies that work for me are surrounding myself with like minded people that has supported & encouraged my dreams not discourage them. I stay away from people with drama and those that have no direction or goals in life... I have a fabulous training partner, prep coach and a great fiancée that pushes me beyond my limits. That's what works for me :)

Give me some examples from your life where confidence has helped you to achieve?
When I competed in my 1st show I was not happy with my placing… I took last place… talking about low self esteem): So I hired a trainer and the following year I came back to that same show and took 1st place & overall :)
What do you find the most challenging about competing?Oh my goodness everything ! The most challenging is time management and getting all my meals in daily between training clients, home life, food shopping, cleaning, training myself , food preparation, etc. competing is the most challenging career ever but I love it!!

What are your top 5 key strategies for success?
Consistency, accuracy, determination, execute, confidence
What is your favorite protein powder? Why do you like it? My favorite protein powder is Dymatize Iso-whey 100 in Chocolate. The taste is amazing, especially when you blend it with peanut butter. Can you say Reeses PB Cup? oh la la... It blends so easy I use it all year around… no sugar, no carbs !

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Surround yourself with positive people that want you to succeed not those who want to ride off of your success an5d hard work!

In closing, Who would you like to give a shout out to? 1st and foremost God for giving me the strength throughout my career to make it this far :) My amazing fiancée for supporting me from day 1, my fabulous children Tina, Jon, Chrissy , my dog Heidi, my new Prep Coach Sam , my training partner Margaret Murphy, long time supportive friend IFBB Pro Carrie Simmons , Decked in Diamonds , Push pull grind, Vanessa Williams, Eric from Champs Nutrition , Tim djmyroutine Bertelsen, Bob Caron graphic designer,T-Zone Divas team, and all the amazing photographers I had the opportunity to shoot with this year Mike Yurkovich, Spencer Jung , Larry Agon , Rick Dobbins, Annie Rivieccio, Wings of Strength& the RX Muscle family for this great opportunity!


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