Spotlight On NPC Bikini Fitness Competitor: Maria Gudjonsdottir

Category MariaK1you compete in: Bikini Fitness
Date of birth: May 11th 1991
Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland
Career: Student + Sales representative

Competition history: 2014 Arnold Classic Europe: not top 15 2013 IFBB Icelandic cup: 3rd place,
2013 Arnold Classic Europe: 5th place,
2012 IFBB Icelandic cup: 3rd place.

Next competition: The IFBB Nordic Open, November 1st 2014.

What do you feel is the WORST part of contest prep? Wow, that’s a POSITIVE note to start an interview ;) In my opinion it is the fact that this is a judges’ sport and success is often based on the look that they’re after in that particular competition. This means that you can be in the best shape of your life but not at the right competition at the right time.

Would you please tell us a little about your workout schedule? Off-season I lift weights 4-6 times a week and very little cardio. On-season my workouts range from 10-12 times a week. Fasted cardio workout in the morning and then weight lifting workout in the afternoon. I recently competed at the Arnold Classics Europe and I have another competMariaK5ition coming up in 3 weeks, so my main focus now is to maintain muscle mass. During the next few weeks I will have 2 leg days instead of 3 since my muscles get tired very easily now. During each weight lifting workout I focus on one muscle group:
• Monday – Shoulders
• Tuesday – Legs
• Wednesday – Back
• Thursday – Extra cardio
• Friday – Shoulders
• Saturday – Glutes & hamstrings

If you could change one thing about this sport what would it be? The cost, I love this sport and it has taught me many things, but it can get very expensive especially if you want to take part in international competitions.
What is your favorite vacation spot? Sweden is my all time favorite. Part of my family lives there and I visit at least one time a year. They have great food, good weather, great for shopping, loads of outdoor activities and the list goes on… I hope to settle down there in the future.

What advice do you have for women who would like to get involved in and compete in the sport of bodybuilding? The first step would be to get a personal trainer who has experience with the sport. Do not focus on what your competition looks like, focus on bringing your absolute best to the stage because that is the only thing you can control. Do not waste your energy on what your rivals are doing, that is rule number 1.

What is a dMariaK6ay-in-the-life of Maria like? During competition prep it goes like this:
• 06:00 Wake up
• 06:30 Cardio
• 08:30-16:45 Work/school
• 17:30 – 20:00 (ish) Weight lifting workout
• 20:00 dinner plus prep for the next day
• 22-23:00 Sleep
• (Repeat)

This is pretty much my routine every day, however I recently took a sabbatical from the university (hardcore I know) where I was attending postgraduate studies in food science. I realized that it wasn’t the right field for me so during the day I have been filling out job applications, answering fitness related interviews, signing up for personal training certification and much more. I have to keep myself busy otherwise I would go bananas.

Favorite Motivational Quote: Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do!

In closing, who would you like to give a shout out to? My trainer Konrad with Iceland Fitness, he has been a great mentor through all my competitions. This sport has also opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I have him to thank for that as well! My boyfriend, family and friends also deserve a big shout out for being so supportive and for making sure that I have both feet on the ground ;)



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