The Advanced Application of Pro-Hormones and Designer Steroids: The Triphase Cycle


In this volume of the guide I'll be taking an in-depth look at the hormonal battlefield revolving around Pro-Hormone(s) cycling.  For the most part, users look for ways to use available "legal" substances in a more complex application as opposed to the simple beginner-to-moderate user cycle. Since making my first volume available, I've had some time to research and open discussion of more possible applications with the current available compounds. In this volume I hope to reach a slightly new way of thinking about the hormonal battlefield for advanced users. These cycle methods should be viewed as an attempt at or alternative to injectable cycles of testosterone. DHEA_24mg_enlargeThat doesn't mean it will be characteristically the same as testosterone. This cycling method will also utilize Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and its mild testosterone and estrogen conversion. Fair warning should be noted; this program doesn't take cost into account. Therefore, this method can be quite expensive. I would also like to warn individuals considering this cycle method to be experimental and to approach it with extreme caution.

For the most part, I suggest non-methylated compounds (to avoid taxing the liver), stacking multiple products, and carrying out long cycles with minimal side effects. We've exhausted many options of their application with these simple stacking procedures. I've been searching for a possible new application of these compounds to produce a much more dramatic effect in terms of muscle mass and strength with the use of legal compounds, which is based on similar principles. In my searching, I've devised a cycling program that I call the "triphase" approach, which I consider extremely "advanced". . . only to be used by experienced users. I will in no way condone this cycling method to anyone who has not had extensive experience with steroid use.

This "triphase application" is in no way to be implemented by the average/novice user and is reserved for persons with a substantial amount of research on AAS use prior to attempting this type of cycling method. Advanced users usually have a firm grasp on what works for them to restore their hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPTA). Using this application can be highly suppressive to any individual, taking into account the time of use (cycle length) and the specific designer steroids involved. It is imperative that users approach this type of advanced application with the utmost caution and follow proper post cycle therapy (PCT) guidelines.  To ensure that this methodology is completely understood, I will outline and explain in detail an acceptable application of these compounds.

Anyone who's performed a moderate/significant amount of research about AAS can clearly see the advantages that testosterone esters provide while on a cycle. When devising these aforementioned cycles, users choose a "base" component or the "essential component" of a particular cycle. The base for a cycle is usually a testosterone ester. Additionally, oral steroids and other injectable AAS are applied at various points in a cycle to maximize potential gains. These orals and other injectable androgens are considered your stacking components. Keeping the base component in mind, I would like to open your eyes to a similar way of thinking with non-methylated compounds. Now, some may consider this a "not-so-new" way of thinking, considering many users have added or stacked non-methylated compounds to their cycles to avoid further liver stress and increase potential total gains. I want to actually build upon the previous "stacking" idea or improve it in a sense.

The application of the methylated compound will serve in two portions of the cycle to promote quick mass and strength. There will be a brief period of "off" time between the two methyl steroid cycles to allow the liver a small recovery phase/break from the stress placed upon it. There are many variations of this concept consisting of either: bulk, cutting, contest preparation or recomposition-type cycles. Within the cycle, your methylated oral application isn't limited to one single compound. With such a wide array of methylated compounds, it's best to refine your selection to fit your needs.

The Triphase Cycle:


Selecting the base compound is probably the most important component of the cycle. This will determine what kind of results users can expect throughout the duration of the cycle. Most of these compounds can be applied to almost any type of cycle: bulking, cutting, recomposition, and even contest prep. Most of these compounds can be quite "dry." In my opinion testosterone-cypionate or enanthate should be the base component of anyone's cycle. However, since we are talking about legal alternatives this will not be an option. We are, in a sense, attempting to mimic the base of a cycle by legal means. However, it would be very incorrect of me to try and say you're going to reach the provided benefits of using 250-500mg of testosterone/week. It's just not feasible with these legal oral steroids. What you can expect is a continuous anabolic state along with more strength and muscle building potential than regular stacking schemes.

A non-methylated compound should be used as a base component to your cycle. The base component of a cycle is what you will build your cycle on. As a base component, you cannot use any compound that yields significant hepatotoxicity. This means no 17a alkylated/methylated compounds may be used. Being liver friendly is crucial to the cycle's success. Within the layout of the cycle, there is a period of time that the liver will be free from the stress placed upon it and allow it to prepare for another few weeks of hard oral steroid use.

(NOTE: Applications of the triphase may vary and be used for: bulking, cutting, recomposition and even contest preparations)


Choose a methyl compound that has attributes that fit your needs/goals. The methylated compound will serve in two of the three phases of the cycle. The first phase will serve as a "jump start" to the cycle. The third phase will serve to meet your needs and re-accelerate gains. The third phase will be the most crucial part of the cycle, especially for those that use this type of cycle for their contest preparation. Depending on your goals, the oral steroid you choose can affect the outcome of the cycle. Like I mentioned before, users preparing for a contest will want to take their time in choosing what oral steroid to use.


In phase one of the cycle the base steroid is building up a suitable level of hormone in your system. A methylated compound will provide quick and explosive gains to "kick start" the cycle. Some users may want to start this phase with a mildly suppressive compound or a strong compound that produces extremely fast and rapid results. This phase may last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on the compound and desired cycle strategy. Length of this phase depends entirely on the user, goals and experience with available orals.


In this phase of the cycle, the user is coming off of the methyl oral. During the time off, you have the option of increasing your base compound dosages until the third phase begins. This can be advantageous when you come off the quick acting oral so that you make up for the loss in hormone with an increase in base steroid. Increasing the base is not required by any means, but can serve as a means to uphold gaining potential. The main premise for this phase is to allow the liver time to rest and prepare for the final phase of the cycle. I encourage users to detoxify their liver intensively with the following components: SAM-e, NAC, ALA, and licorice root extract (glycyrrhetinic acid).


I consider this the most important phase of the cycle. This is where many users will differ in their oral steroid selections. This cycle will serve as the re-accelerant of the cycle to increase strength and lean muscle gaining potential. Some users have reported that using a mildly suppressive androgen is better for recovery purposes, while others never have this problem if they follow proper recovery protocol. Either way you look at it, you'll be suppressed and it will depend on your experience level, PCT and knowledge whether or not you recover in a timely manner.

TRIPHASE: Four Week Triphase Blast

Week01___1-Androsterone- 400mg ___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week02___1-Androsterone- 400mg ___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week03___1-Androsterone- 400mg ___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week04___1-Androsterone- 400mg ___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week05___1-Androsterone- 400/600mg
Week06___1-Androsterone- 400/600mg
Week07___1-Androsterone- 400/600mg
Week08___1-Androsterone- 400/600mg
Week09___1-Androsterone- 400mg___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week10___1-Androsterone- 400mg___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week11___1-Androsterone- 400mg___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg
Week12___1-Androsterone- 400mg___ EPI/Havoc- 40mg

Sample of Triphase Cutting Cycle:

Week01___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Epi Clone- 40mg
Week02___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Epi Clone- 40mg
Week03___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Epi Clone- 40mg
Week04___ Fura Clone- 300/400mg
Week05___ Fura Clone- 300/400mg
Week06___ Fura Clone- 300/400mg
Week07___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg
Week08___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg
Week09___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg
Week10___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg
Week11___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg
Week12___ Fura Clone- 300mg ___ Halo- 75mg





The idea behind the recomping cycle will be revolving around the same idea as advanced base bulking and cutting cycles, but will involve two different methylated compounds; one being a bulking agent and one being a cutting compound. The main premise to this strategy is to cut fat dramatically while building muscle to achieve a lean muscular physique. This of course will be best suited for individuals using an appropriate diet to accomplish such a task. Diet is the main component of any cycle. Most will find the use of a bulking compound extremely beneficial in the first phase of the cycle as opposed to the end of the cycle where you want to be in "better" condition and have lower body fat. The use of a dry compound in the third and final phase will be a much better option for re-composition and lean muscle tissue acquisition.


TRIPHASE Contest Prep:

In this TRIphase, a multitude of compounds can be used. However, this cycle is much more intense and will require more careful planning. This cycle will require two base compounds, two methyl phases, and a hardening compound during the third phase of the cycle. The contest prep cycle should last roughly 13 weeks. This cycle is designed to accomplish a few things that are essential to contest preparations for the athlete who does not want to use injectable AAS or, for other reasons, wants to stay within the limits of the legal system. Preservation of muscle mass, strength retention and increase in metabolic rate are the main concerns, while having somewhat of an acceptable estrogen level for a portion of the cycle. If you are interested in a contest prep cycle, please contact me for more information. These cycles are very intense and will require extensive planning.

Other Components Discussed.

DHEA is used for numerous reasons in this cycle. DHEA is very useful for combating mild lethargy and libido issues as well as a percentage converting to testosterone.  However, at these dosages there is high potential for estrogen conversion as well. This applies especially to the younger individuals. This is great for those who are bulking. However, the use of natural, non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors (not provided in this actual outline) will be used to prevent the conversion of DHEA to estrogen. What I am focusing on with this recommended dosage is testosterone conversion with minimal estradiol production. DHEA will also serve as a great way to stave off lethargy and increase mental cognition. But its main purpose is in this contest prep stack is to increase testosterone levels with the aid of natural AI's. As the competition time nears, you have two options: 1.) decrease DHEA dosages and keep aromatase inhibitor (IA) complex the same, or 2.) keep DHEA the same and increase natural AI's significantly along with the use of a steroidal AI a few weeks prior to the competition date.

It's a good rule of thumb to start your dosages of DHEA fairly low for lethargy relief on heavy androgen cycles where testosterone is not being used. Some will find 50mg enough for this relief while others find relief in the upper ranges of 200+mg. Depending on what triphase application (goal) we're dealing with and individual response, DHEA dosages will vary significantly. For bulking we want to keep DHEA levels fairly high and adjust when need be.  Most users don't want excessive estrogen in any aspect of their cycle because of estrogen-related side effects.  For this reason mild aromatase inhibitors should be employed. Non-steroidal AI's are very effective if you're considering using an AI and high dosages of DHEA for the duration of the cycle. Stronger and more effective AI's should be used for no more than 5-6 weeks max. Users should avoid abusing and over-using these means of estrogen control.

Determining which DHEA route is effective for an individual will depend on their progress and how well they're responding to the current dosing scheme and AI use. No one person is exactly the same and because of that fact, different people will illicit different responses and sometimes an adjustment will be made depending on that response.


Post cycle therapy or "PCT" is one of the most important components of a full cycle. This is where you really must put forth your efforts into restoring your HPTA to its original in the quickest fashion possible. There are many routes to recovery and everyone has their own method of what works best for them. I have my own views and don't think they necessarily apply to each individual, but it's a great start for many users. This advice can be used even for the novice as well.

First things first; you should never want to enter any cycle without having a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) in your possession. It is an essential component of any proper PCT. Without it you're in a heap of trouble. There are many available forms: (Clomiphene (clomid), tamoxifen (nolva), toremifene femarelle, raloxifene) If you'd like more information on SERMs, visit Wikipedia for their links

I have always had a preference for Clomid, but that doesn't mean that nolvadex isn't effective by any means. However, I have found from personal use that Clomid produces the quickest HPTA restoration. Either of the top three SERMs suffice (Clomid. Nolvadex and toremifene).

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) can be used for the duration of your cycle, but you must be very careful in the way you implement this drug. You don't want to use too much, too often, as it will cause problems for you later. Dosages vary and can range from 300iu - 1000iu's per week or every other week, in some cases. However, it is normal practice to dose every five days. The problem is you do not want to take too much, too often.  During PCT, you can taper your dose down to 250-500iu every day or every other day for 3 weeks. That should be sufficient for many applications. You do not have to use this on-cycle if you don't want, and can use it only in PCT. Everything is debatable and can vary from one person to another as almost everything does. It may be a good idea to use HCG (not required) due to the duration of the cycle.

Aromatase inhibitors shouldn't be needed in everyone's PCT. Depending on your cycles components and past history, it may or may not be a good idea to implement an AI into your cycle. There are non-steroidal AI's available that could provide a "mild" means of estrogen control. Take note that some SERMs have AI properties and that varies from one drug to another.

Herbal and natural testosterone/libido blends: These products are not required but can provide some relief to libido problems and can potentially help increase free and total testosterone levels. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) has been shown to provide a significant means to elevating testosterone levels naturally. I highly recommend its use. Anything that can provide incentive to get into the gym and boost aggression helps.

Calories. I highly recommend increasing your caloric intake significantly in PCT. It is pertinent that you increase calories to help provide a(n) means to adequate energy and nutrition for the newly acquired muscle mass and strength. The better your diet is, the better your chances are of holding onto your gains you've worked so hard for. Do not pass off your diet as a side note. It is the main root/base to everything you'll gain and retain.

I shouldn't have to explain what a proper means to HPTA restoration is, considering this is for advanced users. However, I will lay out a basic SERM dosage protocol for those of you who are reading for research purposes. I tend to extend the use of SERMs to six weeks.

Sample SERM dosages:

Week1: clomid- 100mg
Week2: clomid- 75mg
Week3: clomid- 75mg
Week4: clomid- 50mg
Week5: clomid- 25mg
Week6: clomid- 25mg

Liver toxicity. This is my major concern with any athlete attempting to replicate the triphase cycle. There is heavy use of methylated steroids and can lead to problems if you don't take precautions and monitor yourself. I highly recommend having a blood panel done after the first phase of the cycle is complete and have your health evaluated. If there are signs of heavy liver stress or deteriorating health, it is imperative that you discontinue the cycle and go straight into PCT. Please use the recommended liver detoxification and protectants noted: SAM-e, n-acetyl cysteine (NAC), alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and licorice root extract (glycyrrhetinic acid) along with any other aid, and drink plenty of water. These will be beneficial to optimal liver function.

As a reminder, this cycling method of pro-hormones and designer steroids is to be used by advanced lifters who have extensive experience with hormonal supplementation and knowledge of the compounds available.

As always, it's our personal choices to use these compounds responsibly that are under attack. The pro-hormones and designer steroids that are available today may not be available tomorrow. We must strive to protect our rights to use these compounds by respecting the nature of what they are as anabolic and androgenic steroids. We must always research what we put into our bodies and never take someone's word as the final say. When we do put these substances in our bodies, please do it responsibly. I hope those of you reading have found this article to be interesting and thought provoking. I do not consider myself to be a "guru" by any means. So if you ever have questions or concerns, please ask. The hormonal world of AAS and endocrinology are ever evolving. Be safe and do your research.

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