Hormone Manipulation for Cutting Up with Chris Aceto Part Three: Human Growth Hormone


Getting ripped is about controlling calories while simultaneously keeping the right hormones in balance. That’s what this series is about – providing the steps you can take to keep the right hormonal profile to help drop fat while keeping the metabolic rate humming.

Part Three: Growth Hormone

Hormone and Its Actions: Growth Hormone (GH)GH supports fat burning. More important, it spares muscle loss.

What You Want To Do Increase it.

Why You Want to Do This. Saving muscle while dieting is key in preserving the metabolism. Increasing GH can also speed fat loss.

How You Do This Supplements. Training increases GH as does sleep and taking specific supplements before each, can augment the natural GH spike at these two times. 6 grams of arginine before training not only boosts GH but increase blood flow to muscles. Macuna Pruriens (MP)- 250 mgs before training – can help. MP is derived from velvet beans and contains L-Dopa. An amino acid derivative that has potent GH capabilities. You can repeat the process, 8 grams of arginine and 250 mgs of MR 60 minutes before bed.

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Manipulating Hormones For Cutting Up is a multi part series of articles written by master guru Chris "The Technition" Aceto that we are featuring this week on RxMuscle.com 

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