Spirit Of A Child...

Remember back to the “Good Old Days”253670_10150217218271338_507686337_7529390_5806016_n when Life was easy and we didn’t have a care in the world? No major responsibility, no stress, no pressure, just FUN! All of us have fond memories of some sort of when we were a Child or smile when we see a Child at play or just having FUN, isn’t it awesome?! Well... Why do WE have to grow up and lose this spirit, the fact is WE DON’T...

We don’t? But we HAVE to get jobs, we HAVE major responsibilities, Life is hard, my eyelashes hurt, etc... The truth is our outlook each and every day is an active, ongoing CHOICE that WE make! We DO NOT ever HAVE to make ourselves do anything we don’t enjoy, nor will we ever fully succeed if we force ourselves or our bodies for that matter to do something! Notice I say WE, there are instances in our lives where someone else forces us to do something and we all know how horrible of a feeling that is and guess what? It is no different when we do it to ourselves! The only battle that we will never win is the one against ourselves; so we need to learn to work with ourselves instead of against ourselves! This is even more vital since many around us will be trying to work against us as well, so why join their Team? I can hear it now; “But... I HAVE to go to work and I don’t like it at all!” Well... Do you like having Food, Clothes, a House etc... All of the things that going to work provide? Then you in turn should be Thankful and ENJOY going to work, don’t make it any worse by making it seem like you HAVE TO, cause you don’t! If we are currently in a position that we don’t like and are not actively doing something to change it, then there is absolutely nobody to blame but ourselves! Think “Cause and Effect,” if we want to achieve something, then we need to be taking active steps towards that achievement, otherwise we have no reason to be unsatisfied! It is very important to always remain Thankful, Grounded, and Realistic; We all have A LOT of things to be Thankful for, we WILL be told NO a lot more than Yes, we WILL Fail more than we succeed! The difference maker in everything is our outlook and ability to remain positive, even in the most negative of times! Remember that we all affect the people around us and we owe it to ourselves to have a Strong and Positive Outlook, we all should practice Positive tendencies without ceasing instead of our first reaction being Negative... Take some time to think, really think of how it could be Positive (EVERYTHING CAN BE) and then speak! It is amazing how projecting Positivity can change the world and people around us, we also have a duty to make things better, not worse and by constantly being negative, we are making things worse for ourselves and those around us and in turn it will only come back to us!

We never have to lose the Spirit of a Child and should look at things as new and FUN! Take time to really think of what is important to you and actively work towards achieving it! Remember that the second you become negative, you are joining the other Team, the Team that will do anything to bring you down and hold you back, and you just became their BEST player and your own WORST enemy!

The picture to this article is one that really inspires me and brings a smile to my face! This is Brock, he is the son of my Friend/Client/Teammate Kendra and there is absolutely NO denying from this picture that he is happy and excited! Brock has come to several workouts with his Mom, some of them being at 5am and he always participates and has a FUN time and I have never heard him complain once! He even started having his Mom make him a little protein shake each morning because he is working on his muscles J Now... If that isn’t inspiring, then your heart must not be beating! Thinking Positive leads to Being Positive and this leads to receiving Positive Blessings, it really is just that simple!


By Derek M. Trombetta


-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek is a Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and MAN Sports™ Sponsored Physique Athlete with a Lifetime of REAL WORLD Experience in the Fitness Industry! For further information you can contact Derek at:


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