Journey to the Pro Card

As we have heard many times within the sport of bodybuildingDWt24 “This is my journey to my pro card”. Now that the physique division has been created we have many competitors on a journey to their pro card. You will never hear me say that phrase. I have many friends and fellow competitors that have said they are on the journey to their pro card. Many will try, some may come close and a few will achieve it. Not that there is anything wrong with having a goal to achieve the elite status as a pro, but many individuals focus on the pro card instead of the journey.


Many people lose sight of why they started improving their physique and competing when they start focusing on the pro card instead of the journey. I’ve seen individuals lose sight of everything around them including friends, family, enjoying everyday life, and sometimes even their health. I’ve seen extreme measures taken to achieve the ideal look. Sometimes everything is forgotten except what it takes to achieve that pro card.

I’m not saying that dedication, determination, hard work and persistence are bad. What I’m saying is don’t forget about why you started and enjoy the journey. To be a champion or the best you will have to give up some enjoyment, you will have to push your body to the max, and you will need to have dedication that borders on obsession. Along the journey remember your friends and family that support you. Take time each day to enjoy the things you love outside the sport. Even Peyton Manning takes time to enjoy life outside the NFL. Try to live a balanced life. Don’t forget about your health we only have one life, one body!

I try to take time each day for myself. I make sure my number one priority is to be healthy. When the competing is done I still want to feel like I can take on the world and maintain a body that would impress the best. I make time to do the other things I enjoy in life. Last week, before a show that I was competing in, I went fishing on my favorite lake 2 evenings before stepping on stage. I was asked the next day what I was doing fishing when I should be prepping. My response was “relaxing and doing what I enjoy”. Even though I had a competition in less than 48 hours I had done my training, prepped the food, packed for the trip, and done everything I could do to be prepared. Of course there is always more posing, prepping, training, and cardio that could be done, but where do you draw the line? Sometimes taking a few hours to yourself is exactly what you and the body needs to make sure you’re ready. My goal as I finish my prep this week for Junior Nationals is to get on stage with the best package I can bring. If I do that it may be enough to take that first place trophy. If that happens I may just be awarded a pro card. And if that happens I know when I look back at the journey it will be on without any regrets.

Tim Staggs CPT & Wellness Coach




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