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Hello all! Hope your weekend was great!furnituretear

For my weekend I decided to rest and recover. I bought an Icy Hot therapy pain relief stick and cold and hot medicated patches to help out with my muscle strain in my back.
Monday, I was still feeling the pain when twisting, bending or standing for a long period of time (at work) but still decided to hit the gym. Instead of doing the intense routine I found in the magazine I decided to do a basic circuit training routine at about 50-70% of my max with higher repetitions (20-25) and only resting a few seconds in order to have energy to get through the sets.


Workout routine included: (A good stretching series before starting) One-leg Leg Press, One-leg Calf presses, Deep Squats, Standing behind the head shoulder press, front bar raises, Dumbbell flies, Dumbbell Press, Hammer Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Cable Rows, Bent over dumbbell lateral raise, Rope pull-downs, Tricep extensions, Ab work with the medicine ball.

Following my circuit routine I hit the treadmill for 20mins and the step mill for a10 min interval training. I followed that with a good stretching of my back.

I found this routine was not bothering my back at all and it seemed like a great way to still get my workout in and play it safe not to make the injury any worse. I already had knew and established with myself, if it bothered me to do any of this I would not workout at all until pain free. Fortunately I was able.

I will be continuing this style of workout through the week along with taking care of the muscle strain. I’ll be staying away from any heavy lifting until I feel I am able to do so with no pain in the wounded area.

On a side note, I can’t wait for the temperature to warm up so I can get outside for some activities. It’s been around 35 degrees with flurries every other day it seems. We’ve seen a few nice days but it seems not to stick around long. Hopefully this changes soon. I’m looking forward to some intense outdoor workouts.

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