Moving Mountains...

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step”


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This is one of my favorite quotes that I always make an effort to share with others as well as strive to live my life by! Spoken by the ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu, it is still very relevant today! Often times we see things as too great or out of reach and that is exactly what they are and will be when focused on as a whole, but when you break them down into smaller steps, you quickly come to realize that before you know it, you climbed a Mountain!

The metaphor of a climbing a Mountain is very fitting with Life and Goal Setting; just as when climbing a Mountain you are not always moving up, sometimes in the natural course you must go down, around, sideways, over, under, around, or even through objects to continue on your path to the peak! This is no different than life; while we all think it would be nice to always have things go our way, would it really? Would you really ever know the sweet taste of victory or the feeling of success from going farther than you ever thought possible? It is our Failures that actually define us and make us strong! Let me tell you the facts; you WILL fail, people WILL try to bring you down, and NO matter what anyone tells you, it WILL hurt each time! This is where the tipping point is… Do you choose to allow these things to keep you down and hold you back? By learning, growing, and always being thankful and counting your blessings you become Stronger with each test that life throws your way! Take time to reflect on all of the Good that you have in your Life, do not give the negative energy a second thought! Surround yourself with people that wish to lift you up, cheer your successes on, and help you through your failures, and in turn you do the same for them!

Remember that in this great Gift that we have been given know as Life that everything is cyclical… What you put out will eventually come back to you; it may take time, but it always comes back! The great things that you do today may seem to be forgotten tomorrow, but they truly never are! Just by being a positive force in this Life you will inspire and touch so many others lives, many of who you may never even know!

Each day may not be your greatest day, but NO matter what it is always great to wake up… That is the Gift and how we choose to climb our Mountain is up to us, just remember that you have to start somewhere!

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek M. Trombetta

Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and Physique Athlete



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