Minor Set Back

Good day all,

So after my last post I started to prep for my show coming up. I went shopping to start cleaning up my eating. I also decided to start adding cardio to my workouts and switch up my routine for the next couple weeks to see how quickly my body responds.

I am eating 5-6 meals a day now. In each I include a protein source with carbs and/or veggies.

My workout routine has changed to more dynamic style workouts. I found a routine in one of my magazines that seemed pretty interesting so that’s what I am using. It kicked my butt this week. Unfortunately, I had to take two days off from working out this week. My body needed the rest. Since I switched up my carb intake I don’t think my body was reacting well and my energy levels were really low. I got back in for a workout Friday morning and didn’t warm-up(tried jumping straight into the workout). I felt a pull in my upper to mid left back, so I’ll be taking a couple days off once again to rest and recover and treat this.

Good thing about everything is that I have given myself enough time for trail, error or injury. I really only need two weeks of cleaning up my eating and doing cardio more consistently to be in my top “Shoot ready” physique so I am not too worried about this right now.

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