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One of the best aspects of the new Men’s Physique Division and the overall trend lately in Fitness is that you are actually rewarded for living and maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle! It is a HUGE accomplishment to Train your butt off (literally) for a Show or Competition, but to actually begin to LIVE the Fitness Lifestyle… Now that is where the real rewards are…


I am asked all the time what it takes to lose weight, gain muscle, etc… But rarely do people think Big Picture! These are all actually byproducts of Living the Fitness Lifestyle! When you focus on the end results, not the Big Picture and what it takes to get there, you can feel as if you are chasing something that you are never going to catch up to! Rather when you set your Goals centered around your Lifestyle, the results can’t help but fall into place!

Think Big Picture! Remember everyone has a breaking point and if you are so controlling with your regiment that it gets in the way of your life it will become a nuisance and eventually be out of your life! But if instead you make it a part of your life, it will always be with you! Don’t think DIET… Think Eating Plan!!! Don’t HATE the foods you have to eat, but rather LOVE the Foods that Fuel you! Incorporate variety in both your Eating and Training! Incorporate your Friends and Family instead of alienating yourself or making others feel left out! Strive to INSPIRE instead of Intimidate! It is very Intimidating for someone to begin a Fitness Lifestyle or even approach someone they see as an idol, we all have been there… I remember being that young kid in the Gym that had no idea what I was doing, so I read, researched, and paid attention to what the people I wanted to be like were doing! Be that Inspiration to someone and lead by example, we all can learn from one another and by Living the Fitness Lifestyle, we all can benefit in more ways than just our appearance!

My good friend and fellow Physique Competitor Aaron Reed made an observation today (as he prepares to compete in the Europa) that he hears so many competitors saying how awful they feel, or how tired they are, etc… And how he feels absolutely amazing as he is about to step on stage! You know why? Because he LIVES the Fitness Lifestyle and that is exactly what Men’s Physique is all about! Those who know me can attest that if you ask me any day how I feel, you are going to hear that I feel absolutely amazing!!! Whether it is the day of a Contest, Photo Shoot, after staying up for 72 Hours at the Fire Department, whatever… I am always ready and always excited! Live the Fitness Lifestyle and the byproducts will come! Remember to always Love what you do and be that Inspirational Force to those around you… You never know who is watching and just how you are touching their lives!

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek M. Trombetta

Professional Fitness Coach and Firefighter



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