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IFBB Pro Keith Williams Progress Pics 10 Weeks Out

bkw10wksoutHere are the latest progress photos of IFBB Pro Keith WIlliams as he is prepping for the 2015 California State Pro.


Sports massage for weight lifters

sports-massageMassage therapy isn't just for overworked housewives and it isn't just a luxury for the rich. The stigma that once surrounded massages has been removed with proof that it is an ideal treatment for many aches and ailments.


Big Keith Williams is back!

bkwisbackBig Keith Williams is back on the Pro Bodybuilding circuit after taking a long break to build more muscle. 


Scitec Nutrition signs Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden

scitecScitec Nutrition, a leading global producer and distributor of sports nutrition products announced that it has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden, one of the world’s leading professional bodybuilders.


The History of Dave Part I “Poptart Smash”

HulkDaveSlideWhen I started writing these “commentaries”, as Dave calls them, I promised I would share some stories and possibly even dispel or confirm some of the myths surrounding the man known as Dave “Jumbo” Palumbo.   Please understand that these stories are from my recollection and Dave’s version may be slightly different.   Just to be clear: My version is the truth.


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