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Prohormones Banned! New Steroid Law (DASCA) Goes Into Effect

1-testosterone1On December 18, 2014, President Obama signed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 – DASCA for short. Several years in the making, DASCA cracks down on the over-the-counter “prohormone” segment of the sports nutrition supplement market.


F.E.A.R.- A Call to Arms

I’ve never started a thread; fearI’ve never made a post and I don’t even have a screen name; but I’ve been here from the beginning (actually, way before that considering I’ve known Dave Palumbo for 40+ years and if I didn’t beat him in an arm wrestling contest this website might not even exist, but that is a story for another time). I regularly listen to Heavy Muscle Radio, I troll the boards and I’m aware of most everything that goes on (including some behind the scenes stuff). 

So what do I want? Same thing you do. Same thing I always did. To have a site that entertained me and focused on a “lifestyle” I’ve always embraced.


Tank Moore: Heavy Artillery

Bodybuilding is a war. It’s a wtankar against the competition. It’s a war against the weights. It’s a war against limitations, against sanity, and most importantly of all – it’s a war against self. Each and every day is a battle against the brutality that is complacency. War, like bodybuilding, isn’t for the weak or the faint of heart. It’s for those who have the strength to endure.



Training in the Face of Father Time

Aging bodybuilders afacend those in pursuit of improvements in body composition often fall victim to programs that are inappropriate for them and the expectations that are driven by a desire to keep up with their physical conquests of the past. My intention as a former competitor with more than 20 years of experience training and coaching others is to offer insight for those who are training hard despite the physiological changes that tend to come with age.



RXmuscleMiniFor the past 6 years, RxMuscle.com has been the digital leader in bodybuilding and fitness contest coverage, radio and TV programming, and all original physique content. From Heavy Muscle Radio to Iron Debate to Bros vs Pros to contest highlight and wraup videos; Rx Muscle lives up to its moniker: "The Truth in Bodybuilding".


2015 IFBB Contest Schedule

ifbbprocontestscheduleHere it is!  The 2015 IFBB contest schedule.  Dates, locations, prize money... 2015 is going to be another big year!



Understanding Ferguson - Politics, Race, & Injustice in America

Politics in the sport of bodunjderybuilding is like a pissing match for republicans. It's almost like a contest for who can be more right-wing on as many given topics as possible. For many in the fitness industry, it's considered manly to be pro-gun, anti-union, pro-war, anti [universal] healthcare, pro-life, anti-choice, pro-cuts, anti [social] spending, and so on and so forth. If you're a liberal, a left-winger, or heaven forbid a democratic socialist (like yours truly), you're considered to be an immature, ill-informed, weakling. I mean take Arnold for example. Although he married a Kennedy, he's a Republican to the core, and when Democratic lawmakers in California didn't pass his party's initiatives quick enough, he publicly suggested they were acting like 'girly men.' The press had a field day - and the Democrats? They passed the budget.






Let me start by saying I love baliveodybuilding. It’s arguably one of the hardest activities to master, which is what I think makes it great. But who is anyone kidding? Competitive bodybuilding is not a quest for optimum health. It’s entirely about achieving a lean, muscular and symmetrical appearance. There is no judging criteria for health or any health-related measures but with the recent passing of another bodybuilder perhaps this should be taken into consideration.


Achieving The Pump: Mind-Muscle Connection and You!

ATTENTION: The follpumpowing article is for bodybuilders and other physique athletes looking to build muscle. Athletes training for specific sports or for function may not find it as useful, however the techniques listed could still be used in phases where hypertrophy is the goal.

There are many factors that determine how easily (or not) someone is able to gain muscle. Genetics are the biggest factor and this include things like hormone levels, receptors, type of muscle fibers, myostatin levels, ability to absorb nutrients, protein synthesis rates, etc. The other factors related to optimal muscle growth are more easily manipulated: diet, supplementation, training, determination, consistency, etc. 



Massage and Bodybuilding

You mighmast be aware that resistance leads to growth in many ways, but you may not be aware that other factors can also contribute to growth. In fact, massage therapy can aid your growth in ways that you might never imagine.
Massage is usually considered a luxury, an occasional relaxing splurge, but the truth is that massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine that has bona fide medical applications; in most states it even requires practitioners to be licensed by the state medical board.