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What's Going On With Shawn Rhoden? #askDave

Whats Going On With Shawn RhodenGET MAC NUT OIL ($14.99): https://speciesnutrition.com/collections/askdave-specials


4:58 - You have touched on this a couple times over the last few months. Is oral Glutathione a waste of money and injectable the only way to get the benefits?

6:23 - Hi Dave my mum has a high C-Reactive count of 11mg/L probably mainly due to Arthritis And An Immune Problem , Could you give the best diet and all the supplements needed to lower it And would exercise help alot more ?

9:58 - Dave addresses Big Lenny vs. Mr. G.

13:50 - Olive oil a good fat ? In Brazil is very common , and I like , is that a essential fat acids , omega sixes/omega 3.

16:19 - Hey Dave after dieting down, how long should I “hold” that weight before putting size back on to avoid a bad rebound?

18:57 - Dave when is the last day you stop training legs prior to a show ?

19:50 - At 54, with tons of knee pain, I am having trouble maintaining any mass in my quads. Heavy squats are now out of the question. I train reasonably heavy with everything else but not feeling the quads working. I’m shrinking!

23:11 - Dave, what is your opinion on training 4 days on and 3 days off for off-season? I’m not a fan of training on the weekend. I still eat clean on the weekend too. I train low volume and heavy weight.

24:10 - Has bodybuilding gotten cheaper or more expensive from when Dave competed?

25:37 - Why are so many doctors & “hormone specialists” in NYC prescribing HCG for weight loss???

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