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Bostin Loyd & Gregg Valentino DEBATE the Dallas McCarver vs Shawn Ray Drama on IRON DEBATE

bostin loyd iron debate gregg valentinoOhhhhh boy!

Bostin Loyd and Gregg Valentino on the SAME damn episode of Iron Debate? Is there enough bandwidth at the RXMuscle studios ?!?

Dave Palumbo, Chris Aceto, and the RXMuscle crew are joined by Loyd and Valentino to debate some of the hottest topics in the bodybuilding world today:

* Dallas McCarver vs. Shawn Ray -- the escalating feud.
* Is Flex Wheeler's decision to return to the Olympia stage, a safe choice?
* What's behind the recent rash of deaths in bodybuilding? Who or what is to blame?

It's Iron Debate (powered by Quest Nutrition) on RXMuscle.com

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