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Bostin Loyd's Mega Cycle: IRON DEBATE

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Internet sensation Bostin Loyd returns to IRON DEBATE to give his opinion on today's most controversial topics

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Iron Debate


An Iranian bodybuilder has been arrested for publishing revealing photos 
of herself on social media, the judiciary's news agency reported on 


Is it wrong to arrest this woman for posting POSING IN-A-BIKINI photos on her social media OR is it appropriate given Iran’s policy of requiring women to stay covered up in public?


Rich PIANA had a confrontation at the LA FIT EXPO with a former 5% employee named MACC TRUCK. Mac struck PIANA with what was called a “Cheap Shot”……. A melee ensued where another 5% athlete, Alex, wound up rupturing both his patellar tendons. Is this social media fighting GOOD FOR THE SPORT or BAD PR? Did Rich deserve this or was Macc Truck out of line?


What’s the craziest steroids cycles you’ve ever heard of someone taking? What’s the craziest steroid cycle you’ve done? Are steroids dangerous to the point of negatively affecting one’s health if abused? What is the definition of abuse?

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