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Is Phil Heath Worried About Kevin Levrone? Iron Debate (8/11/16)

phil heat vs kevin levrone olympia 2016

Is Phil Heath worried about Kevin Levrone and a markedly improved field at the upcoming Mr. Olympia weekend?

Dave Palumbo, Chris Aceto, and John Romano clash again in another episode of RXMuscle's Iron Debate.

Reigning 5-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, discussed his thoughts - in a recent Q&A video - on Kevin Levrone partaking in this year's Olympia. Heath strongly emphasized that Levrone's presence "stole the thunder" from himself and the top competitors who will be taking the stage - in Vegas - in a mere 24 days. How confident is Heath going into Olympia Weekend? Does he have concerns going up against Kevin Levrone and a hungry pack led by Dexter Jackson, Shawn Rhoden, and Big Ramy?

Plus, is Kai Greene at peace with his decision to forego the Olympia (for the 2nd straight year) or will he regret this decision at some point?

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