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Heavy Muscle TV #76: July 9, 2014 with Mishin, Livoti, & The Palazzos!

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Tonight, we have NPC Team Universe Womens Physique Overall Champion Jill Livoti, IFBB Pro and RX Muscle Resident Rad Russian Eugene Mishin, IFBB Women's Physique Pro Jen Palazzo, and her husband - Mike Palazzo, a Nassau County Police Officer and top NPC Bodybuilder.

Also, custom suit designer Janine Giorgenti (who took Dave's measurements on a previous episode) will return with a brand new custom made suit for Dave.  Eugene Mishin will be partaking in a TV series, "The Block", the producer of the show will stop by to tell us all about it. That and of course everyone's favorite - Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia !

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