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Heavy Muscle TV Show #86 Segment: Hollywood Actor Holt Mccallany!

HMTV-HoltFCActor Holt McCallany joined us live from his home in Hollywood Hills, Ca. The actor, with roles in Fight Club, FX's "Lights Out", among many others - discussed his career, working with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, and discussed his exciting upcoming year - which is filled with box office releases including "Blackhat" coming out this weekend!


Heavy Muscle TV #86 REPLAY with Poston, McCallany and Mishin

hmtv-86aCatch the replay now of HMTV with your host Dave Palumbo, joined in studio by Siddique Farooqi and RXMuscle's "Resident Rad Russian" IFBB Bodybuilding Pro Eugene Mishin.

Watch Heavy Muscle TV #86

Heavy Muscle TV #85: Heather Dees, Eugene Mishin & Dan Lee


Join host Dave Palumbo live in the Rx studio! Its another great show. Watch it live or check out the replay!


Watch Heavy Muscle TV #84 Akim Williams, Jon Delarosa & Dwayne McDaniels

hmtv replay akim delarosa

Akim Williams, Jon Delarosa, Dwayne McDaniels join host Dave Palumbo live in the Rx studio! Its another great show. Check out the replay now.

Watch HMTV

Watch Heavy Muscle TV #83 Sarah LeBlanc & Dom Cardone


Don't miss Legacy bikini champ Sarah LeBlanc and young gun NPC National sensation and fresh IFBB rookie Dominick Cardone Thursday night at 8:00 EST for another great installment of Heavy Muscle TV. Host Dave Palumbo and special guests will be live in the Rx studio, so don't miss it!


Heavy Muscle TV Show #82 Segment: Oscar Ardon Dishes Out On Kai Greene!

HMTV82-OscarWatch pro trainer Oscar Ardon give his thoughts on Kai Greene on last night's episode of Heavy Muscle TV, presented by NuBreed Nutrition. Oscar is one of the most revered trainers in the sport, and knows Kai - arguably - better than anyone in the industry. What does he think about his recent meltdown at the Olympia ? Can he bounce back in 2015 ? Would he ever work with Kai again ?


Heavy Muscle TV #82: Halloween Spooktacular!

hmtv-halloweenTune in to RxMuscle.com at 8:00 pm (EDT) for a special Halloween episode of Heavy Muscle TV!


Heavy Muscle TV #81: The Amazing Teddy Neptune!

hmtv boxingNuBreed Nutrition presents Heavy Muscle TV #81. Join Dave Palumbo and the RXMuscle crew - tonight - for Heavy Muscle TV (presented by NuBreed Nutrition). Tonight we welcome in boxers from the upcoming "Fight for Charity" event - to be held on November 24th in Huntington, NY - to benefit needy individuals and families on Long Island.

In addition, watch the amazing stuntman - Teddy Neptune - who will be live in studio to talk about his work, and, perform an in-studio demo.