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magnesium for bodybuildersDave Palumbo answers all your questions related to bodybuilding and fitness. Nutrition, supplementation, training and life in general! Subscribe to RXMuscle for more episodes of #askDave and the best original television content in the bodybuilding industry!

NOTE: We had connection issues (apologies), to compensate, we have included all the questions (and timestamps) below:

1. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=4m16s) Dave if you wanted to put size back on, aside from food and supplements, which "a-bolix" would you use and at what dose?

2. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=5m56s) Biggest mistake people make that hold them back from making progress year over year?

3. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=6m56s) Tips to get rid of loose skin, user is 26 years, lost around 200 lbs.

4. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=8m33s) Thoughts on "d-hydro-b'denone", supposedly one of the strongest "a-bolix" ever created.

5. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=9m52s) Will Phil Heath skip 2019 Olympia to return in 2020?

6. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=11m23s) Magnesium supplements, importance for bodybuilders?

7. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=14m1s) Should the 212 division weight limit be increased to 220?

8. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=15m53s) Counting calories in the off-season.

9. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=17m9s) What age is right to take finasteride?

10. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=18m44s) Proactively dealing with body acne.

11. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=19m16s) Any current Olympia bodybuilders ripe for a Coleman/Haney/Heath-esque win streak?

12. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=20m24s) Aspiring bodybuilder starting at a later age + why it's hard gaining mass, naturally, after 60.

13. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=22m4s) Causes and solutions for nipple sensitivity.

14. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=23m36s) Keto vs. non-Keto diet differences in last week contest prep & carbing up.

15. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=24m19s) Stimulating healthy thyroid function with fish and iodine allergies.

16. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=26m6s) Sugar substitutes spiking blood sugar level despite low on glycemic index?

17. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=27m5s) Did Shawn Rhoden show a "90's era" physique?

18. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=28m15s) Less saturated vs. monounsaturated fats.

19. (https://youtu.be/5hc5Lx0t2Lw?t=29m16s) Dave Palumbo is constantly working, what does he do for fun?


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