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Oksana Grishina: Rhythm in Motion!

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A former competitive gymnast, Oksana began training when she was 8 years old. She became an IFBB DSC_3624Fitness Pro in 2006 at the IFBB World Amateur Championships. When I attempted to interview her by phone, she asked if I would mind doing it by email. She is studying the English language right now and didn't feel that her English was good enough to participate in a lengthy interview. So, the following is an edited version of my questions and her answers.

RX: Oksana, where are you from and where do you live currently?

OG: I am from Russia and I currently live in Las Vegas.


RX: How old are you and when is your birthday?

OG: I turned 31 years old on March 31st.


RX: Current stats?

OG: 128lbs. 5'5"


RX: We recently saw you at the 2009 Arnold Classic where you placed 9th. Are you prepping for any other shows this year?

OG: I'm still thinking about what show I'm going to do next.


RX: What is your favorite thing about contest prep or competing?DSC_3534

OG: I like the prep, but my routines are the most exciting part to me.


RX: Do you work with a trainer or a choreographer?

OG: My husband, Boris, works with me like a coach and I use his advice. Dave Palumbo helped me with my prep for this year's Arnold Classic. Also, I choreograph all of my own routines.


RX: What is your least favorite part of contest prep?

OG: It is very expensive for me.


RX: What do you do for a living?

OG: I am going to school and I have an agent in LA. I plan to move there to do commercial work and movies. I have been doing some fitness modeling and acting. My dream is to be in a TV show or a movie some day!


RX: Do you try to stay in shape year round or do you have an off season?

DSC_3666OG: It is hard for a woman to stay in shape all year but I try to look good all the time because my work depends on it.


RX: What's your favorite cheat food?

OG: I love sushi and I love peanut butter during contest prep.

RX: Do you have a favorite exercise or body part?

OG: When you're a pro you can't pick a favorite. They're all important.


RX: Do you have any diet recipes that you can share with anyone to help get through contest prep?

OG: Just stick to the protein and vegetables.DSC_3635


RX: Do you have any role models in or out of the fitness industry?

OG: There are a lot of nice girls in this sport. It seems that the fans love them all and I am going to do my best to treat everyone with respect, including my fans.


RX: What are you future goals?

OG: I am looking forward to qualifying for the Olympia again. My first time there was great fun! Also, I just want to be the best athlete that I can be. I want to be an inspiration to people from all walks of life. I want to show people that you can be fit, healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle.


DSC_2897RX: Do you have any kids?

OG: No, not yet. My husband, Boris and I got married two years ago in Las Vegas and we hope to have kids some day.


RX: Any funny stories you can share with us relating to your experiences with competing in the US?

OG: Oooooooooooo....a LOT!

(Yes - she just left me hanging with that!)


RX: Is there a Russian equivalent to the Arnold Classic or the Olympia?

OG: No. In Russia there are no contests like these.


RX: Any motivational advice for your fans?

OG: Do what you like to do - it is the best happiness that you can have.


RX: Do you have a website where your fans can find you?

OG: www.oksanagrishina.com Check it out! I have some new photo shoots in Vegas and LA and will be posting those pictures soon.