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Heavy Muscle Radio (3/2/15) Arnold Classic Predictions; After Party Promoter Jason Dhir


Palumbo and Aceto preview the upcoming Arnold Fitness Weekend.  Can Dexter Jackson win number 5?  Will Cedric McMillan finally claim the title that's eluded him the last few years?  Or will up-and-comer Justin Compton crash the party become the new dominant force in the IFBB?
Arnold Mega-Bash Party promoter extraordinaire Jason Dhir calls in to dish all the juicy details of this year's slamming Arnold Celebrity After-Party!
Plus, Find out what Dave spent $8000 on....... and don't miss a special extended ASK DAVE? segment!

Heavy Muscle Radio (2/23/15) Bros Vs Pros 23 Recap Plus Kai Greene In Barnes & Noble?


Palumbo and Aceto talk recap Bros vs Pros 23.  Who broke the men's dead-for-reps record?  How strong is Akim Williams?  And, why is Colette Nelson unbeatable in Bros vs Pros competition?
What's Kai Greene's doing at Barnes and Noble appearance? Water leaks at Dave's house; and  find out what Aceto's pissed-off tenant is going do about the latest bed bug infestation?
All that, plus ASK DAVE and STUMP THE JUMBO!

Heavy Muscle Radio (2/16/15) Should the Mr Olympia be put on it's own weekend separate from the other divisions?


Palumbo and Aceto recap the week-- Shawn Rhoden's appearance on Iron Debate, Heavy Muscle TV, and the new #askDave TV Show. 
Plus, should the Mr Olympia be put on it's own weekend separate from the other divisions?  Would it make it more popular and more palatable?


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