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Heavy Muscle Radio (4/27/15) Dave's trip to Florida Plus what Gregg Valentino and Bruce Jenner have in common.


Palumbo and Aceto talk about Dave's trip to Florida-- hanging with Mel Chancey, cooking with Denise Masino, and meditating in Boca!  Plus, find out what Gregg Valentino and Bruce Jenner have in common.
And #askDAVE on radio returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (4/20/15) Roadtrip to Maryland plus Chris Cormier & Akim Williams!


Palumbo and Aceto talk about the true formula for success... how you can achieve it, what to avoid, and why some people are doomed to fail. Plus, Dave talks about his roadtrip to Maryland-- meeting up with Chris Cormier and Akim Williams, touring snake expert Pete Kahl's facility, and getting  pulled over by New York police.
And, research and cutting edge science updates!

Heavy Muscle Radio (4/13/15) FIBO Germany 2015 Recap Plus All The Happenings In Germany!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the FIBO Germany 2015 Expo.  Which IFBB Pro bodybuilder in attendance was the biggest?  Did Ronnie Coleman challenge Jay Cutler to meet him on the 2016 Olympia stage?  And is this really the year that Kevin Levrone makes his comeback? 
Plus details from the Rich Piana 5% Freakazoid Booth!


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