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Heavy Muscle Radio (9/17/12): Mike O'Hearn! Plus: Dr. Thomas' Technique for raising the pitch of women's deepened voices!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


Dave Palumbo talks with Dr. Thomas, a specialist in Laryngology and Voice Disorders, who has developed a bold new procedure that helps women with deep voices increase their pitch!  How does it work?  Listen in to tonight's HeavY Muscle Radio to find out!


Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Model and Actor Mike O'Hearn is no stranger to Heavy Muscle Radio.  This time he's back to talk why his name is again appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records! 


Hosts Chris Aceto and Dave Palumbo discuss all of the latest news in the world of Bodybuilding, and Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman delivers his weekly Ask Dave Q&A / Stump The Jumbo Segments!


Heavy Muscle Radio (9/11/12): VP of Operations / Sales Sally Anne Taylor! Plus: The IFBB Nordic Pro & Valenti Cup Recap!



HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO With Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto!


RXMUSCLE's Vice President of Operations and Design, Sally Anne Taylor, joins Dave Palumbo to talk about everything that went down in Finland this past weekend, at the 2012 IFBB Nordic Pro Championships!  From powerlifters, strongmen, and bodybuilders to fancy food, good drinks and all of the sights and sounds of Finland, everything is revealed!  Don't miss all of the great stories these two bring you!


Hosts Chris Aceto and Dave Palumbo breakdown the results of the 2012 IFBB Nordic Pro, as well as the 2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup, which was held in Sarasota, Florida!  Plus, Dave and Chris deliver all of the latest news in the world of bodybuilding.


And let's not forget about brand new Dad, Aaron Singerman who faithfully joins Heavy Muscle Radio for another segment, on the day his son is born! Congratulations to Aaron and Darielle for bringing Asher Charles Singerman to the world!