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Heavy Muscle Radio (11/11/13) Tijuana Pro Preview, Kris Dim & Adela Garcia Join The Show!


Aceto and Palumbo talk about the upcoming IFBB Tijuana Pro.  Will "The Blade" Dexter Jackson notch another win in his belt of victories this year?
IFBB Pro Kris Dim calls in to update the bodybuilding world on his rehab after becoming paralyzed during an aortic repair surgery last year.  Dim explains why his strong mindset and ultimate belief in his body's ability to heal itself will ultimately allow him to defy the odds and walk again.
8x Ms Fitness Olympia Champion Adela Garcia talks about her return as host of RxMuscle.com's Muscle Girls Inc radio show. Garcia discusses why the new show will be the best ever!  And don't miss as she reveals why she thinks she continues to win the Olympia year-after-year even at the age of 42.
Plus, ASK DAVE? and Stump the Jumbo!

Heavy Muscle Radio (11/04/13) Contests Recaps,TV Updates Plus Bros Vs Pros 18!


Daylight Savings Day means Palumbo and Aceto have an extra hour to entertain you with contest updates, recaps of the Heavy Muscle TV Halloween Special, and insights into Rx Muscle's new original program:  The Fitness View. 
Find out what Rx Muscle has planned for Bros vs Pros 18: John Kemper Memorial 2.  Plus, why Dexter Jackson is the favorite at the upcoming IFBB Tijuana Pro? 
And don't miss an extended ASK DAVE? and STUMP THE JUMBO segment!

Heavy Muscle Radio (10/28/13) Arnold's New Ventures Plus Ask Dave & Stump The Jumbo!


Aceto and Palumbo talk about Arnold's book Total Recall, his desire to amend the constitution so he can run for President, and his new movie with Sly Stallone. Escape Plan.

Find out why Mcdonalds no longer carries Heinz Ketchup, why high blood sugars can lead to memory loss, and why you should drink coffee if you're looking to avoid liver cancer.


Heavy Muscle Radio (10/21/13) Prague Pro Recap Plus Ask Dave & More!


Super Saturday contest recap.  Aceto and Palumbo talk about 4 IFBB Pro contest that took place over 1 day-- Prague Pro, Ft Lauderdale Cup, Titans Pro, and Phoenix Europa Pro.  Was Kai Greene his best?  How close did "The Blade" come to defeating him?  Who was the most improved surprise bodybuilder in Prague?  And, find out how Sabrina Taylor got her groove back at the Titan's Pro!
Plus, Ask Dave? returns.  And, can anyone Stump the Jumbo?

Heavy Muscle Radio (10/14/13) Arnold Europe Recap Plus Prague Pro Preview!


Aceto and Palumbo reveal what transpired in Madrid Spain at the Arnold Europe.  Did Phil Heath deserve to defeat Kai Greene? Who was the most improved bodybuilder of the weekend?

Find out why Team Rx Muscle was spotted crawling under a fence. And why was Arnold sporting a grey beard?