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Heavy Muscle Radio (2/8/16) Arnold Classic lineup preview plus Bros vs Pros 26 update!


Palumbo and Aceto preview the Arnold Classic lineup, revea the newest l Bros vs Pros 26: German vs USA Battle, and discuss the latest bodybuilding radio show shakeups.
Plus, find out why the blood pressure meds known as ACE inhibitors can make you bigger.  And ASK DAVE and ASK THE TECHNICIAN and STUMP THE JUMBO returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (2/1/16) Romano & Palumbo Strike Again, Plus Will Kai Win In Ohio?


Dave Palumbo and John Romano discuss how annoying our "politically correct" society has become.  Find out what solutions the Rx Muscle cabal has come up with.
Plus, does Kai Greene still have what it takes physically, emotionally and spiritually to win the upcoming Arnold Classic?

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/25/16) Aceto & Rhoden In The UK, Plus the return of Seth Feroce!


Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto discuss Chris' 2016 UK Seminar Tour with Shawn Rhoden, their dinner with Zach "King" Khan and Chris' continual jet lag.  Plus, get all the details on the return of "Ferocious" Seth Feroce.

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/18/16) Arnold Posing Rounds Plus IFBB Amateur Fit Models?


Palumbo and Aceto review and evaluate the newest announcement that the posing round will be scored at all the Arnold Classic competitions for 2016. Is it a good idea; or do Dave and Chris have a few good ideas of their own?  Plus, find out what they think about the new IFBB Amateur Leagues new "Model Fit" Division.
"Ask Dave" and "Stump the Technician" return!

Heavy Muscle Radio (1/11/16) Preview the Arnold Classic lineup Plus Live with recaps!


Palumbo and Aceto preview the Arnold Classic lineup. Plus, recap of the Jay Cutler and Lee Labrada LIVE WITH TV interviews!