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Heavy Muscle Radio (11/23/15) 2015 NPC Nationals Championship Recap!


On location in Miami Florida, Palumbo and Aceto recap the 2015 NPC Nationals Championships. How good was the "Son of the Myth" Sergio Oliva Jr?   Who was the darkhorse super heavyweight that rocked the crowd? And what caused the lights to go out during the light heavyweight class in prejudging? 


Heavy Muscle Radio (11/16/15) NPC Nationals & Ferrigno Legacy Preview, Ask Dave & more!


Palumbo and Aceto preview the NPC Nationals and Ferrigno Legacy Classic. Find out where Dave and Chris plan to do their first dual Periscope broadcast from! 

Plus, which surprising year do they think Phil Heath looked his best.  And Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo returns!



Heavy Muscle Radio (11/9/15) Palumbo and Aceto analyze the latest "non-announcement" Plus Ask Dave & More!


Palumbo and Aceto analyze the latest "non-announcement" that took place this past weekend. Plus, Dave explains why Keith Williams Superman-theme guest posing was so entertaining at the NPC Oklahoma Grand Prix.
The Quote of the Week.  And Ask Dave returns!



Heavy Muscle Radio (11/2/15) NPC Eastern USA recap plus Ask Dave!


Palumbo and Romano talk about every annoying person and action known to man-- screaming idiots in the gym, pre-workout sampling to the elderly, and metals shavings in your peanutbutter!
Later, the Technician Chris Aceto chimes in about pee-wee football, NPC Eastern USA recap, and much more. Plus Ask Dave returns!



Heavy Muscle Radio (10/26/15) Bonac's Winning Streak Plus Stacey Oster's Video Recap!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic and discuss William Bonac's winning streak.  Plus fish tank scratches, car damage, and home schooling. 

John Romano surfaces from the hurricane in Mexico to defend Stacey Oster's "Live With" appearance and to explain why he doesn't believe in baby registries.