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Heavy Muscle Radio (10/5/15) Prague Pro Recap Plus UKBFF Champion Sas Heirati!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the IFBB Prague Pro.  At this moment in time, is Dexter Jackson the most impressive bodybuilder in the world? Is Jose Raymond a better bodybuilder or commentator?
John Romano chimes in on the latest trends in bodybuilding.  And should old men be required to wear underwear?
Later, UKBFF British National Bodybuilding Champion Sas Heirati calls in after stepping off stage.  Find out what earning his IFBB Pro Card means to the new champion?

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/28/15) Arnold Classic Europe Recap Plus Romano Rages On!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the Arnold Classic Europe. Is Dexter Jackson the most dominant IFBB Pro of 2015?  Did he deserve to beat Shawn Rhoden?  And will Big Ramy (who finished 4th) start working with Chris after the European tour is finished?
Later, John Romano joins the conversation to discuss why the IFBB/NPC is the most dominant force in all of bodybuilding; and why that will continue into the future.
Plus ASK DAVE returns!

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/21/15) Mr.Olympia Recap! Plus Is Ramy Back With Aceto!?


Palumbo and Aceto recap the 2015 Olympia Weekend.  Did Heath deserve his 5th Sandow? How close was the 212 battle between Flex Lewis and Jose Raymond?

Plus, will Big Ramy work with Aceto again?


Heavy Muscle Radio (9/14/15) Mr.Olympia Preview Plus Is Kai Coming To Vegas!?


Palumbo and Romano delve into the Kai Greene "unsigned contract" debacle.  Who thinks Greene will appear onstage this coming weekend?
Chris Aceto chimes in from Las Vegas where he's overseeing the diets of clients such as Shawn Rhoden, Cedric McMillan, Jose Raymond, Eduardo Correa, Guy Cisternino and more!

Heavy Muscle Radio (9/7/15) North American Championships Recap Plus Naturalpath Matt Legge!


Palumbo and Aceto recap the North American Championships.  

Later, John Romano updates the world on the anabolic steroid scene in Mexico. 

Naturalpath Matt Legge talks science shop with Dave. Topics include detoxification, ketogenic diets, and fertility in men and women. 

Plus Ask Dave and Stump the Jumbo!