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After Hours Radio (9-7-12): Jimmy's Invention, Pete's Obscure Arnold Movie, Jeff The Producer Hosts!


Jimmy The Bull's Invention, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Infamous Phrase (not what you think!), Pete The Intern Celebrates his Birthday! 


 Jeff The Producer hosts this latest episode of After Hours!


Did Jimmy "The Inventive Bull" Pellechia miss yet another opportunity to make millions on an invention?  What was it this time?  A rubberized condom?  A toilet seat with a butt massage?  You'll be surprised how practical and useful his idea would have been!


Pete the Intern mentions an obscure Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, that prompts both Jimmy the Bull and Jeff The Producer to break out in impersonations!  Both Jeff and Jimmy agree that there's one line other than "I'll be back" that Arnold has said in nearly all the movies he's appeared in!


JTP then manages to get The Iron Bull to reveal the details of a classic 80's supplement company ad that required Jimmy to dress in a chicken suit while slurping down pre-digested chicken breast protein! 


Jeff The Producer hosts this hysterical episode of After Hours, only on RXMUSCLE.COM!


After Hours Radio (8-17-12): Jimmy The Bull Pellechia Returns: G-Strings, Heavy Lifting & Tiki Bars!


Jimmy The Iron Bull Pellechia returns! 

 Jeff The Producer hosts this latest episode of After Hours!


Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia returns!  Where was he, why didn't he respond to any of his messages, and what adventures did he experience? 


Jeff The Producer is shocked to learn that Jimmy "The Sexy Bull" Pellechia used to wear G-Strings while working out!  What's worse, is why he started putting them on in the first place!


Pete The Intern wouldn't mind working out at a bar that Jimmy describes that not only has a hardcore training facility, but a bar, food and a full lounge area in the back, including a pool!  Did this place exist?  Jimmy the Bull says yes!


Finally, get a chance to win an RXMUSCLE T-Shirt, a 2 Pound Bottle of Isolyze Protein and a pear of limited edition Jimmy Pellechia Lifting straps!  Listen in to find out how!


After Hours Radio (8-10-12): Jimmy The Bull is MIA! Pete's Secret Trip! Jeff The Producer Hosts!


Jimmy The Bull is MISSING, Pete The Intern's New Jersey Trip Report, Jeff The Producer Hosts!


Jeff The Producer hosts this latest episode of After Hours!


Jimmy "The Missing Bull" Pellechia hasn't answered his phone in a week!  Where is he?  Is he still alive?  JTP attempts to reach Jimmy on his cell phone!


Jeff The Producer then gives his thoughts on why IFBB Pros switch contest prep coaches, his reaction to the forum posts and gives some insight into a recent change-up that seemed to get everyone's attention!


Pete The Intern makes JTP watch a couple of youtube videos and Pete finally comes clean about what happened during his "hot date" a couple of weeks back, when he traveled to an undisclosed location in New Jersey!


Don't miss this latest episode of After Hours Radio on RXMUSCLE.COM!


After Hours Radio (7-21-12): Jimmy's Live-In Landlord, Pete's Secret Date & Jeff's IFBB Pro Ice Cream and Crack Cakes!


Bulking Secrets of a Top IFBB Pro, Coppinger Crack Cakes, Live-In-Landlords and Secret Meetings in New Jersey!


Jeff The Producer hosts this latest episode of After Hours!


What's dragging Pete The Intern out of the RXMUSCLE studios and over to an undisclosed location in New Jersey?  Jeff The Producer tries to get Pete to spill the beans on this top-secret meeting with a mystery date!


While JTP is waiting for Jimmy The Bull to get home from work, he shares his experience hanging out at a recent BBQ held at a top IFBB Pro's house!  It was filled with other competing NPC athletes and IFBB Pros, supplement companies and a cake featuring a picture of Bob Cicherillo! Not only did Jeff The Producer learn a bulking secret that he shares with listeners, but he comes across an interesting creation that can only be described as the "Coppinger Crack Cakes"!  


Finally, Jimmy "The Virtually Homeless Bull" Pellechia does his best to move into his new apartment, but his new landlord puts him into a situation that only "The Bull" could endure.  It involves sculptures with half-breasts littered around his house and driveway, a deck-damaging tree, a live-in-landlord who resides in the basement and neighbors who see Jimmy Pellechia as Jesus himself! 


Don't miss this insane episode of After Hours Radio!


After Hours Radio (7-13-12): Friday the 13th Brings Out The Whackiest in Dave, Jimmy, Jeff & Pete!


Dave admits to a fat fetish and Jimmy can't find toilet paper!


Dave Palumbo rejoins the After Hours crew as your faithful host and delves right into the sh*tty end of things, as he and Jimmy "Where's the toilet paper" Pellechia get into a very intense discussion about what to use when you don't have the proper wipes!


Dave then reveals that there's something appealing about a large woman to him, while Jimmy tries to figure out how to find the target in an oversized lady's body!  Dave also suggests that Pete the Intern may have a hidden fetish for fatties!


Jeff the Producer joins in as always on another whacky episode of After Hours featuring the Whack Pack!


After Hours Radio (7-6-12): Jimmy's Hysterical Pet Stories, Pete's Lost his Voice, Jeff The Producer Hosts!


Jimmy The Bull is back in the studio!


Jimmy "The Overworked Bull" Pellechia makes it back to the studio to tell a hysterical story about his friend, whose worst enemy is his very small pet dog!  You won't believe what these two do to each other!


What's up with Pete The Intern's voice?  Jeff The Producer tries to get him to read a few lines from a popular movie, but things don't turned out as planned!


Jimmy the Bull is fed up with drivers who don't signal when they want to make a turn!  JTP and Jimmy go on a rant to see which state is worse: NY or Connecticut!


Jeff The Producer hosts another fun episode of After Hours!


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