Spotlight on IFBB Pro: Loana Muttoni


Spotlight on IFBB Pro Loana Muttoni

Tell me about yourself. (Where you are from, what do you do, family, marital status, what you like to do for fun, etc.)

I am from São Paulo- Brazil. I work as Personal trainer and in addition I choreograph and coach some athletes. My family is from Argentina, but my parents and my brother lives in São Paulo too. I am single right now and I am not of going out a lot. During my free time I like to study, go to movies, go out to eat, especially Japanese and barbecue.


The obvious: how did you get into fitness and what inspired you to compete?

I was an athlete, an ice skater, for some years, but when the only ice rink in São Paulo closed I had to stop doing it. I decided to go to the gym to do something else. Some years after I saw an athlete in the gym that was training her fitness routine and that got me interested. I always liked competition so getting into fitness was amazing. I could have the challenge to perform a routine and at the same time change my body shape.

Do you have any hobbies outside of fitness/bodybuilding? Is there anything about yourself that people are surprised to find out about you?

My hobbies are basically hanging out with some friends, roller skating... I love to dance too. I am crazy for dogs! I can't see one in the street without touching them.

What is your favorite part of being a bodybuilder? Least favorite?

The best is to have a routine, discipline, and being a reference to others that want to get fit. I think competition is my life. I like the challenge of always working to get better and then seeing the results of it. It's amazing to see how the body works and how you can control it.

I think my least favorite is that bodybuilding, as a sport in Brazil, is not well accepted yet. The culture here is more for soccer. So people look at you like you are from another planet!



How many shows have you done? How do you approach contest prep?

I have no idea how many but I've done a lot. I have been competing since 2003. I like to prepare with time so I don't get stressed out. Since it is a process, enjoying everything about the process is my goal.

Greatest moment of your career so far? Worst?

As an amateur my greatest part of my career was in 2008 when I won the South American overall figure champion. I wanted this title so much.

As a pro my greatest moment was in my last contest last year when I got 3rd at the Lou Ferrigno Legacy show. It was good not just because of the position but also knowing that I was staying on the right track with my body lines.

I guess I can say the worst was when I had to stop competing for 3 years, to save some money and buy my place. Even though I love competing, I don't consider worst at all because I did it with a purpose.

Do you like to travel? How have your competition experiences been?

I love traveling to compete. You get to know different places and people and I have had so great time doing that. The only thing is that for me it's very expensive. I wish travelling didn't cost so much so I could do as many shows I would like so.


Brazilian athletes seem to be well represented in bodybuilding. What advantages or disadvantages are there as a Brazilian athlete traveling abroad?

I do not know if there are any advantages, but a disadvantage is the costs of the trips. This gets me sad, because I would love to do a lot of shows and cost restricts me.

How do you approach your physical appearance in public (cover up, show it off, dress up, dress down)?


I like to show my body off with nice clothes. I worked hard for it! I think being an athlete gives me more confidence to do whatever I want. I LOVE wearing skirts, shorts, dresses. I've always been feminine and I make femininity a priority.

Do you see yourself as a role model for those living a fit lifestyle?

Sure! I live fit lifestyle 24 hours a day.

How has competing affected your relationships? That can be with friends, family, significant other, etc.

I am selective of my friends and they are always more similar to my thoughts and actions. So I have surrounded myself with people that like the same things as I do.

Now some fun questions: What is your favorite cheat food?

What is your favorite supplement?
Whey protein

What is your favorite sport outside of bodybuilding?

Ice skating

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Yes. I would like to Thanks my sponsor Dna Suplementos, my partners Xforce Suplementos and Omar Mourad, my coach Oscar Ardon and my posing coach Kenny Wallach.

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