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 Physique Competitor: Marjorie Beckmarj2

If you were at the 2015 Arnold, the name Marjorie Beck may be familiar to you, but probably not. If not, here is what you need to know. She is a Brazilian physique competitor who competed at the Arnold Amateur, her first show in America. She has about 9500 Instagram followers and doesn't speak too much English. This interview has been translated from her native Portuguese, giving it an otherworldly and poetic quality that can only truly be found when something is lost or found in translation. The interview, and by extension Marjorie herself, is unique, surprising, thoughtful and creates a sense of wonderment and beauty of a sport we love.

Tell me about yourself. (Where are you from, what you do, family, marital status, what you like to do for fun, etc.)

Well, I'm a happy, outgoing person, I love to challenge the "impossible." If you have something that people fear, I try to face. Emotion moves my life, sometimes feel fear, of course, but that's what makes me move on, be the first to descend in abseiling, rafting in, sit in the front seat of the rollercoaster, traveling alone to places that I've never been to.

I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I have always been a public official, working for several years in the business side and now work in the judiciary. I am divorced for 6 years. For fun I dance. I love to dance I can spend hours doing it. I love reading, going to the movies and travel as well.

I am a person who values the finer things in life. I hate discussions, fights, and if I realize that a situation is out of control, I retreat.

As for relationships, I have always been told I'm not too good. After all, people have the habit of over time enter both a life on the other, about to become one. One of my principles is to respect the space of all and I like to respect mine. As I say, I have no owner, I am in the world, came to help, to inspire, to support, and I think we have a lot to do for the world. To me holding on for terrestrial family...I feel more soul than body, crazy is not it? But even so, I'm never single, it seems that men like challenge (ha, ha!) Sometimes I like to be alone in the dark, lying on the floor and thinking about life, making a type of brain cleaning necessary.

marjorie beckHow do you get into fitness and what inspired you to compete?

I started practicing and new strength, at 19 years of age. I was married and had a miserable life, I felt trapped, the world had so many things to offer me and I was stuck. One day I saw my husband looking and admiring other women, so I decided I had to train, I was very thin. Soon my muscles were showing, people noticed and commented to each other. I felt like a freak, so I started to get dressed only in baggy clothes to hide the body. I left to train for aesthetics, to train for taste and I loved that feeling... I was strong and could lift many pounds, every day I tried to outdo me more, and I could! It was very exciting.

After 14 years married, finally separating was amazing, like I rediscovered myself, cut my hair, changed the color, donated various clothes and bought new, changed jobs, home and gym, spent training in one that has produced many great bodybuilding champions, "Náutilus". As I entered I saw several pictures and trophies of bodybuilders champions. It excited me a lot, but I did not think I had a shape in a position to contend for a championship. People encouraged me, especially Henry, the owner of the gym, until one day I decided to do it. It was magical, so much so that to this day I never stopped.

Do you have any hobbies outside the fitness / bodybuilding? There is something about yourself that people are surprised to learn about you?

Actually I do not have much time for another hobby other than training, but whenever possible, I stop to read a book, walk in the park or go.
I think something that people may be surprised about is that I know sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, and so on ... all these things that grandmothers do well.

But the most surprising thing is that in my apartment I do all the repairs, whether in electric, hydraulic part, trash, paint the doors and walls, nail tables, change and tile floors. As my mother would say, "when the water hits the ass we learn to swim". I love change in everything: colors, shapes, decoration ...

What is your favorite part of being a bodybuilder? Least favorite?

The best part of being a bodybuilder is to achieve a better shape every championship. To have a focus that is not working and paying bills, is my escape. Being on stage is magical and wonderful.

What I like least is to pay all costs of preparing! Everything is very expensive; the diet, as the dress, ornaments, hair salon, paint for the body, and just everything! At the moment I have a sponsor who helps me with half of spending passage, subsistence and participation in the championships and provide me monthly all supplements that use the New Millen.

How have your expectations of the sport changed since you started bodybuilding?

When I started in bodybuilding there was further prejudice toward muscular women than exists today, but this has changed and the sport is becoming more widespread among people and muscular women are no longer that different.

How many shows have you done? How do you approach contest preparation?

In just over two years since I attended 9 shows, the last one was in Mexico, in October 2014. The preparation for the competition begins in the mind, if my psychology is okay, my body responds very quickly to the diet and training, I have greater self control, focus, and discipline. For me, preparation for competitions is pleasurable. It is amazing to see my body change every day. Even in pre-contest I will not give up eating at Japanese restaurant every Saturday, I will be rotated and how much, ad nauseam, that feeds both my body and my soul. Suffering psychologically preparing for a competition will only affect the end result.marj1

What are your goals in the sport, both long term and short term?

My goal is to win the pro-card in 2015, to participate in various championships, do my best to achieve that dream, and one day participate in the Ms. Olympia.

Do you like to travel? How were your experiences in competition?

I love traveling! For me, the international championships together mixed business with pleasure. My experiences have been wonderful and unforgettable. Meeting people and different cultures...it's all good, I like to walk the streets, go to supermarkets and meet the day to day lives. Brazilian athletes seem to be well represented in bodybuilding.

What advantages or disadvantages are there as a Brazilian athlete traveling abroad?

Brazilian athletes are getting better, however, the default category is a little different on the outside, which makes us a little confused. One of the difficulties is the cost, many top athletes still do not have any sponsorship and this sport is very expensive. The advantage of being able to compete abroad is it easier to get sponsorship in Brazil, after all the athlete has greater visibility.

Do you have any funny story about the training or competition?

One of the most striking and funny things was when I attended the Excalibur Cup in Argentina. I went alone, I tanned alone, including the back, was super confident, and yet backstage it hit me, "how would I ask the judges for poses in Spanish"! I don't speak Spanish! I asked a young man who was painting an athlete with tanner what to do, and he suggested I look at the other competitors, which I found very ugly do this. It was then that I asked  if he would stay in the audience doing the poses when the referees asked and I would copy. It was very funny, my smile on that stage was the most natural of all.

The general public seems to have a fascination with fit people, especially women. Have you ever appeared in any TV shows? If so, what was your experience?

I attended a game show. Amazingly, people still find it strange, the bodybuilding culture, but it was very fun, very public, we talk, meet, interact ...

I like the attention at the right time, in fairs, events, championships. At work I try to hide a bit, not to generate those questions like, "Do you practice Weightlifting" or "Do you use anabolic steroids" But do not care about my body itself. I love be strong, I think the body is the home of the soul and it should feel good inhabiting it, I'm proud of it! Mine is quite comfortable!

Was there an event or circumstance in your life that changed you as a person?

I believe that every event changes our life, makes us see the world differently and, therefore, changes in the well. I believe that polishes my character every day is to note that I can achieve my goals, it motivates me a lot to make plans in all sectors and challenge me every day. Bodybuilding is love for the sport, many people believe that won prize money, when in fact only spend money (for the amateur). But what we gain is much more valuable than money, is self confidence, is hope, dream and take it to all sectors of our lives, whether at work, at home or in the family, if you believe with all your heart and you want to passion, you can!

You see yourself as a model for those who want to live the lifestyle?abs

Yes, I see myself as a model. I am determined, disciplined and try to feed me healthily. Battalion to conquer my dreams and I am at peace with life.

How has competing affected your relationships? This can be with friends, family, significant other, etc.

My people support me. I'm proud my parents, brothers, boyfriend and my daughter do, too. Some friends ended up moving away. I do not go out at night, do not drink, do not smoke, do not like sweets, fried foods, and this ends up moving away from certain groups, but that's ok.

Now some fun stuff: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite supplement? What's your favorite sport outside of bodybuilding?

I love ice cream, when I'm off I take a lot of it!
My favorite supplement is Whey Protein, a food in powder form, full of vitamins and fast absorbing proteins, besides being useful in many sweet recipes .
Outside the bodybuilding - I love dancing! I believe that when I dance, it is not only my body that moves my soul rises and fills with joy.

waterIs there anyone you would like to thank?

I would like to thank:
To my official sponsor New Millen, which provides me great quality supplements and help me financially in travel and competições.Tenho proud to be part of the team of the New Millen,
- the Academy Náutilus in Santo André / SP, which welcomes me with open arms, believes and is proud of me, and I'm proud of it. "Náutilus, Monster Factory."
- To the Women of Steel, which sends me workout clothes every month, without fail, despite not having any contract, nor know each other personally is really cool partnership that is based on trust I represent a good brand also love the title "Steel woman", I think it suits me.
- At Maxxiovos, which gives me clear of pasteurized eggs, important food for my diet
- At Shatark Knitwear, who sends me in stitches . of excellent quality
- Undertakings sporadically send me some pampering, namely: Labellamafia, Hope Seeds, fild Sports, Mr. Fit, Cia Muscle and Black Dicesme,.
I also thank with all my heart, to the people who support & send positive energy and are so affectionate, many of them, I know only virtually, but are in my heart, bringing me luck, joy and strength to go!
And I thank myself for having had the courage to leave a failed relationship and resolve be myself, because I have not given up fighting and by the way, for turning tears of sadness in tears of joy.
I hope many people get the strength to fight, determination to go all the way and many tears of joy to pour!

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