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Spotlight On IFBB Fitness Pro: Natalie Planes

Spotlight On IFBB Fitness Pro: Natalie Planes
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Category you compete in: Fitness
Date of birth: 7/5/84
Hometown: NY, NY
Career: Gymnastics Manager
Competition history: Atlantic States, Team Universe, Miami IFBB Pro Worlds
Next competition: Arnold, Brasil
In your opinion, how important is motivation and confidence when aiming to accomplish a goal?
Motivation is one of the biggest factors when you want to achieve something in life. When trying to achieve a goal there are times that it will get tough and frustrating. Finding your motivation is what will help you push through.
In your eyes, what combination of hard work and natural ability is needed to reach the top?
Natural ability is a huge help, but you can't relay on just that. If you are talented in something you must put in the effort. Sometimes you find people that have the talent but are not motivated and things come easy. Then you have people who are not so talented  but work extremely hard and succeed. If you are able to find your talent and put the effort and hard work in the skies the limit.
What are some motivational strategies that have or currently work for you?
I want to be the best I can be. When times get tough I dig deep and push it out. I feel that if you can push through the hard days it´s going to make you that much stronger on the good days. When it comes to the dieting aspect of this sport I always keep my goal in mind when I´m feeling weak. My main motivation is the competition itself. I love competing and hitting that stage. I love to share that moment with the judges and the audience and hope they enjoy it.
Give me some examples from your life where confidence has helped you to achieve?
I´ve moved around a lot in my life and one move was out here to NYC. I came here with a bag and slept on a couch for a couple of months while studying film. Confidence played a huge role in me succeeding out here and not taking no for an answer. Without my confidence I don’t think I would have been able to survive and stay here. I believed that this was the place for me and I made it that way.
What do you find the most challenging about competing?
In fitness I find the diet to be one of the hardest parts along with the dehydration prior to hitting the stage. Its very different to any other sport I have done where we want to stay completely hydrated. Sometimes it gets a little tough trying to juggle a full time job along with the training and dieting. I need to compete but it all comes down to scheduling, planning and going after your goal.
What are your top 5 key strategies for success?
Train Hard, Rest, Eat Right, Motivate, Plan
What is your favorite protein powder? Why do you like it?photo (1) copy
Amp from GNC, it sits well in my stomach. A lot of the protein powders sit heavy with me.
Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Go hard or go home!"
In closing, Who would you like to give a shout out to?
I would love to thank my amazing friend and coach Lena Mishin, she is an amazing person. I also want to thank Mike Camp my PT for helping me through my injury. Also I want to thank my parents for all of their support throughout the years. 

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