Thinking About Competing? Bikini, Figure, Physique or Body Building...Where Do YOU Want To Be?

Thinking About Competing? 

Bikini, Figure, Physique or Body Building...Where Do YOU Want To Be?


Hello RX Muscle Girls,

Trainer Lisa here and I've gotta tell you. I have nothing but love and admiration for all the  women who compete in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini competitions.  I've had friends that have competed in all levels and again, the dedication, the drive and determination to compete, to push your body beyond the limits, to compete amongst your peers and well as stepping on stage...Priceless!


I'm always inspired watching the competitions both on and behind stage, to want to compete, but hey, I realize two (2) things: 

1. I'm not dedicated enough...right now

2. I'm not absolutely which category I would/should jump into


This summer some friends who competed last weekend in San Diego, CA (Border States), thought I would be good in Bikini or Figure.  Personally I think I'm better at Figure, Physique but who knows right, especially until I have competing in my blood? Lol

Have you ever thought about competing? Do you know which category(ies) you would shine best in? Bikini, Figure, Fitness (where available), Physique or Body Building? Well to help you decide, here's a fun little breakdown on each category and the differences in each:

Bikini, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding 2


 Bikini Competitors are required to have: 

· Balance and Shape

· Overall physical appearance

· Complexion, skin tone, 

· Poise

· Overall Presentation

Bikini 4.2

Bikini Competitor 2








  Figure Competitors are required to have: 

· Small degree of muscularity with separation (no visible striations)

· Overall muscle tone with shapely lines

· Overall firmness 

· Not excessively lean

· Healthy appearance

Figure competitors 2










Physique Competitors are required to: 


· Have the overall aesthetics and look that is found in figure

· Overall muscularity

· Shape

· Proportion

· Muscle tone

· Poise

· Beauty flow

Physiqure 2013

Physique and Bodybuilding







Body Building Competitors are: 

· Judged in Weight Categories

· Judged on Presentation

· Judged Muscular Development

· Judged on an overall assessment of symmetry

Iris Kyle 2013

2013 Bodybuilding competition








 So, do you think you have what it takes to step on stage, compete and give it 100%?  If you're ready to get started, lets look at the basics:


1. Pick a competition that coming up at least 12 months out.  This is not to say you'll need a year, but it will depend on which category that you're going in to.

2. Be honest: Take a look at your body. Have you been constantly working out?  Are you eating fairly (80%) clean?  If you answered “yes”, then you're well on your way!

3. Hire a professional: Finding a professional to help you achieve your goals isn't always that easy.  Go online, through your social media pages, and look at those who are currently compete or have competited in the pas, and ask who asssted them in reching their goals.



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