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Big Ramy Guarantees Olympia Win | Olympia Press Conference Wrap Up!

olympia press conference 2017

Big Ramy predicts that Phil Heath's run of six straight Sandows will come to an end and that he will be hoisting the Sandow trophy on Saturday night.

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto wrap up the 2017 Mr. Olympia press conference.

For the first time ever, the annual Mr. Olympia press conference brought together top competitors from other divisions, as top hopefuls from Classic Physique and Men's Physique participated.

Of the highlights, Cedric McMillan reminding the audience to be thankful that they're "still here and alive," before leading the audience in a moment of silence, George Brown (from the crowd) - in the Q&A - touching off a furious war of words between the top Men's Physique competitors, Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson squaring off in a back-and-forth on their career paths, Flex Wheeler touching on his triumphant return to the stage, and more!

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