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Kevin Levrone's Olympia Return (Palumbo Reflects)

kevin levrone olympia 2016 recap

Dave Palumbo discusses Kevin Levrone's 2016 Mr Olympia appearance. Dave admits he was wrong regarding Levrone's Olympia placing; but was he wrong about Kevin and the entire sport of bodybuilding "winning" this past weekend?

Levrone, returning to the Mr. Olympia stage for the first time after 13 years, injected a tangible level of excitement to this year's competition. For months and years, fans wondered aloud when (not if) the 90's legend would make his return, and when that happens, how he would fare.

Levrone made an immediate impact on the Olympia Weekend festivities, by challenging the entire field to a posedown during the Olympia press conference, a challenge met by Cedric McMillan (to be later joined by Australian Josh Lenartowicz) to the amazement of the capacity crowd.

Levrone ended up not placing at the show, but, as Palumbo states, his mere presence at the Olympia was a win for bodybuilding.

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