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Ian Lauer CSCS, IFBB PRO & Former Editor and Chief of Men’s Physique

Ian Lauer TaylorBartramClarkPosePicCSCS has been working out religiously and loving it since 1993. The challenge of changing one’s physique can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences.  Helping others find the same excitement in this endeavor is one of Lauer’s biggest passions. He feels blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to do just that here as Editor and Chief of MensPhysique.com

Ian began training clients professionally in 2003 and started his own successful Personal Training Business in 2004. Lauer assists a select group of clients reach their goals to this day. Ian also loves to speak on the subject of fitness. Over the years he has had the pleasure of speaking to multiple groups and inspiring them to make lifestyle changes. These changes undoubtedly improved the seminar attendee’s lives for their years to come. He has appeared at an expert on the Fox 5 San Diego News giving priceless fitness advice to Southern Californians.

Ian was born and raised in Ohio. Growing up Ian was fascinated with the Martial Arts. He was drawn to the challenge and began studying at 12 years of age. He earned his black belt three days before his sixteenth birthday. Ian was also a football fanatic and played from the second grade all the way through college earning 1st Team All-Conference Honors at the College of Wooster. Ian was also a sprinter on the college track team where he was awarded 1st Team All-Conference Honors for his contributions on the 4x100M relay team. Post graduation Lauer found his way back onto the gridiron playing Semi-Pro Football. These athletic experiences shaped his attitude and honed his skills in persistency and tenacity. He is ready to step up to any challenge with confidence due to his practice in overcoming obstacles during athletic events and in the weight room.

As a matter of fact, Lauer has recently been working tirelessly towards attaining his new goals of becoming a top fitness model and successful working actor. He has found his way onto the Myotropics Team and Team Powertec as a sponsored athlete and has landed numerous other fitness, hosting, acting and modeling gigs. He is the creator of www.ShootReady.com and www.FitMod.com and is now humbled to be honored with the Editor in Chief position here at MensPhysique.com.  Lauer is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest information in Training, Diet, Supplementation, and Inspiration here at MensPhysique.com to help you create the physique you deserve!

Website: www.IanLauer.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/actorianlauer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/IanLauer

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