Getting Through Hard Times

Good day my blog readers! I hope you’ve all enjoyedNMshot your weekend, glad that we are all here alive and well.

Today’s blog is going to be a little different then past blogs. I’ve had quite a few things come up lately and would like to share a little bit with you all so you can understand that I am human and deal with similar things as you might.

As you all know I have been in preparation of my quest to become a professional Men’s Physique competitor for the IFBB. In this last week I have run into many obstacles that have taken my eyes off of my current goal. A few but not all of my unexpected troubles were that I lost my gym membership (no longer getting sponsored), my cell phone had broken and I had to do without for a couple weeks, I have not been able to find my NPC card in order to register, my housing has been without electric for a week or so and my financial situation has taken a major hit to where I have been in the negative for some time now.

Living without electric and the loss of my gym membership left me in a depression a few days. I was unable to maintain my dieting strictly due to not being able to refrigerate food nor cook and having to convert my workout from the plans I had prepared saddened me. My mind seemed to just wonder during those days because of high stress and not working out. I was considering moving back to my home town where I would have the support of my family or considering moving to California and just giving it a shot at the “big leagues”.

I have tried to figure things out on my own but with that I planned to not compete. I had set my mind that it was not worth putting myself through the stress and troubles to get on stage and be a toss-up to whether or not I win. My choice to move back home would be best if I was choosing to continue on and competing. There I would be able to stick to my diet and workout routine with trouble.

To not carry on too much about my life, in the end I had to go to my friends for advice and encouragement. Three good friends were there for me with some of the most important words of encouragement. In the end I came up with a plan to take things one step at a time, do something about the things I have control over and stick to the plan.

My current plans are to find out what I can do about getting registered for the show (with no NPC card), once getting this situation figured out I plan to continue my dieting get in the best shape ever and step on stage to be an “over-comer”. Following the show I will deal with furthering my career and where/when I will move.

My message to you all is to be strong through your hard times. Have faith and trust your friends to give you good advice in bettering yourself. No matter how hard, unfair or bad times may seem, it will for sure get better. You are the first step in the solution for it all. It is times like these that I will never forget and that keep me humble. I have realized that the choices I make in my career as a fitness model and competitor are not just for me but they also effect those around me and ones who look up to me.

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