Life is for Living

No matter what endeavor you take upon in yourphoto (3) Life there is a phenomenon known as synergy; to put it briefly, this is when the sum of your overall effort is greater than the collective parts. Nothing could be truer of this than having a solid foundation and one of the first and last foundations we will always have is family…


I can say with the utmost certainty that one of the biggest blessings I have ever been given was that of an amazing family! Since I was very young I had instilled in me that family is of the highest importance and that the support network they provide is invaluable! The Gift of family is something that nothing else can touch and no material object can ever compare to Love and Support! Family also comes in many different forms; people do not have to be blood to be family and for many your family is of no actual relation, but through commonalities you find that deep connection with one another and are bound as family!

We see that many of our traits or lack there of come from those that we are surrounded by and nobody is closer than our Family! I owe a lot of my strength and personality to my Grandma, or Nanny as many call her :) She is one of the rare people in life that I have absolutely nothing but happy memories of!

A strong Sicilian Woman who cared for and raised and absolutely amazing family in an Italian Neighborhood in Brooklyn and eventually moved to Colorado to be closer to her Grandchildren. She would give anything to help another, but you also didn’t want to mess with her! Ask anyone who knows me and they know I love Pizza, well I remember my Nan walking me down to the Pizzeria in Brooklyn and then taking me to pick out a new toy, just because she wanted to see me smile! I remember how excited I was when I was taller than my Nan; I think I was 8 :) Or the always amazing Sunday Dinners that she would provide! During times that I was getting ready for a Contest my Nan would always make sure that there were things that I could eat, she would always make me a special dish with Cod and this was nearly 12 years ago, long before everyone was eating White Fish to get lean! Because of this, White Fish has always been a staple of my diet! She knew all along! Weeks before my Contests, I would show my Nan my Abs and she would tell me if I was ready or not, once again, she knew!

One thing that stays in my mind always that my Nanny would say is that, “Life is for the Living!” At first I always thought that she just meant that we are all just alive, but I have come to realize that there is a VERY deep meaning to this! You see we are all granted our Life and our Choices and it is our responsibility to LIVE each and every day to it’s fullest, who are we to not seek our passion? Every second that you allow to pass without going after what your Dreams is a second that you will NEVER get back, it is a precious second that many would give anything to have! There are several certainties in Life and one certainty is Death, it is part of the Life Cycle and without it there would be no new life! However one thing that is not certain is that we truly LIVE our Life, just because you are walking upright and breathing does not mean that you are Living! We all have deep down desires; some make a Bucket List, some write down Goals, some Wish, some Dream, but no matter what you do the time is NOW; Get out there and make an effort to Live, be prepared to fight with every ounce of strength that you have to Live your Life! It will never come easy, it won’t always be fun, but in the end it is worth more than anything! True happiness lies in Living your Life, not the Life of someone else, or the Life someone else thinks you should have! People notice passion and that is exactly what Living is!

The next time you are feeling down; which could even be this exact moment… Ask yourself, “Am I Living MY Life?” If the answer is no, it is time to do something about it! Start small, but start!

An Angel left this Earth to return home, but I can tell you that she left Happy, because she Lived her Life and taught others to do the same! Life is for the Living and that is exactly what I plan on doing every single day until it is my time to go home! Now go get out there and start making it happen, don’t wait for it to come to you, because it won’t! Ask yourself…

“Am I Living MY Life?”

Dedicated With Love To My Grandmother Mary “Nanny” Trombetta

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek M. Trombetta

Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and Physique Athlete!



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