#FitSpire of the Week: Tomas Echavarria





Name: Tomas Echavarria

Age: 24

Hometown or current residence: Miami, Florida


Q: Tell me about your competitive history.

A: My whole life I have been an athlete, played every sport imaginable and was always fairly good at every sport. At a young age I was fully devoted to competitive tennis since my father was in the tennis industry, owning several retail stores. It was my passion and love until the age of twelve. I can say I was worn out at a young age but my competitive drive lives within me. Whether it is a game of chess to the weight room I hate losing more than I care about winning, period, no matter what it is.


Q: When did you get started on your fitness career/journey? What made you want to become more than just the average person living a healthy and fit lifestyle?

A: I started at the age of 16… always had strong mentality but was more on the side of the skinny/little guy but the ego and mind of a lion, never cared about how small I was and was never intimidated by nothing. I loved proving people wrong, but I just always had a desire to impress people and I felt like lifting weights put me in this place of freedom. I was more of a rebel at a young age and lifting weights was my source of happiness.

I’ve never believed in just being average. I wake up every day wanting to be better… trying to break through for myself in order to break through for others. I like to live extreme and push boundaries.


Q: Being that you have a loyal social media following, what is some advice that you would offer someone wanting to increase their popularity in the fitness industry? What tip can you give someone to help them build their following as well?

A: Live your dream, be different, fulfill more, creating energy for others to live off, create a statement. Go out and get the world, learn from those who have done it and been there. Become a student of the game. Knowledge, information, all is power. There are too many people in our industry who are the same repetitive old online trainers.NO, NO! What separates what you bring to the table? What makes you different? Work your ass off, stop at nothing. It doesn't matter about the money, because when you truly love something money is no object… it just appears. Be ready to face adversity and a lot of people who want to see you fail, but don't let that stop you.

Building a following! Everyone finds their own niche. The more you put in the more you get out... I just believe when you do something with passion and truly dedicate yourself to touching other people. Instagram has now become very popular and it’s nothing wrong with that, I can say. I'm guilty also but I take pride in my page in what I offer to my fans and followers. I don't just do shout-4-shouts with any random person to get more followers. I have to have some sort of respect for that person. I take pride in my page. I sell myself more as a brand than just a personal one-man page. Yes, you can pay other pages to shout you out and gain followers also but at the end of the day what all matters to me is how much people are you affecting positively, how much people are you inspiring/motivating?


Q: Do you consider this as your part/full time job or a hobby?

A: No, it’s a complete full-time. I live, sleep, and breathe this life. I can say with all assurance no one in this world works the amount of hours I do. I respect a lot of people in this industry, but I pride myself in my craft and I wouldn't take a backseat to anyone. 

I don’t work my ass off day in and day out in order to take a backseat. I will continue to do the same until the day I’m no longer here. I have built a brand in the Miami area that is very well known. I would say we currently run about 15 boot camp classes daily, it is not your average class. I usually work from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. I no longer accept private clients. My focus is to expand the brand and touch as many people’s lives as possible.


Q: There are many people that are motivated and inspired by you. How does that make you feel knowing that there are people who take the time to see what you are doing day to day?

A: It’s an amazing feeling. It’s what motivates me day in and day out! I love every single one of them. My life has changed as I put everyone's needs in front of mine. I believe this is my purpose/calling and if I can change and help one person one day at a time I have done my job!


Q: How does it feel knowing that somewhere, you are actually helping someone by motivating them to achieve their personal goals, just by posting your personal life and achievements on social media?

A: Like I said, Instagram has changed the name of thephoto 3.PNG game along with all the other social medias. I want to die knowing I touched other people’s hearts. I want to master my life knowing I was a positive influence every single day. As one day wasted is one day further from your goal.


Q: Is there anyone who has motivated or inspired you to become the person you are today?

A: Yes, absolutely. I have a million people but most importantly my parents... both truly amazing people who are entrepreneurs themselves. They have set a standard for me and always been by my side in my ups and downs. Sometimes you need those off days to have those good days. I’ve always wanted to make them proud and I know I have but I’m not complacent and I'm only just more inspired today. It’s the people who shine brightly who affect people positively. And I can honestly say when I look at my parents they were the best role models I could have ever grown up and learned from.


Q: How does your family feel about your lifestyle? What would you say to someone whose family does not support their lifestyle?

A: They absolutely love it. My mom attends my classes every day. My dad is my mentor. My brother has worked with me and his girlfriend is one of my partners. I believe family is not always who is related to you, but those who love you for you and who you are no matter what. Your supporters, your family will always be by your side if they are “YOUR FAMILY!” Don’t let anyone tell you no EVER.


Q: Of all the social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), what do you think is the most effective to use in order to market yourself in this industry?

A: Instagram. It’s a way of getting to people more efficiently. Now Facebook is more international and worldwide, but Instagram has a way of touching people and making you feel like you’re in that person’s life!


Q: What is your diet like? Do you eat clean all year round? 

A: Yes, eat clean year round. I do a very high protein diet… always eating absurd amounts of chicken to the point wherever I go people look at me like a freak. I’m on the road for 18 hours of the day, so I don't get to cook. 

My diet is not a routine… just depends on what I'm in the mood for and how my schedule is that day. I eat a lot in places, like Subway, Chicken Kitchen, Chicken Grill, Pollo Tropical. Yes, it might not be the most healthy/natural type of food, but it has worked for me and it’s not always about one right way, just what works for you and how you can survive according to your goals. 

Each meal I eat is no less than $15 always. No less than four and about up to tephoto 4.PNGn chicken breasts a sitting. Carbs I am very picky with. I listen to my body so don’t ever have a set time or set amount of carbs I put in. I also have at least one Quest bar every day as it is my weakness.


Q: What is your favorite cheat meal? How do you control yourself from going overboard when you decide to treat yourself?

A: Quest bars! I’m not a cheat meal guy. My cheat meal would be considered steak and rice.


Q: Do you take any supplements? What do you think is one of the most important supplements someone should take who is training constantly?

A: I'm not a huge supplement guy, but protein shakes I enjoy as desserts to kill the sugar cravings. Fish oil is extremely important for those who lack Intake of fish, multivitamins… other than that I don’t ever say anything is essential with a well-balanced diet


Q: What’s your social media/contact information?

A: Instagram @TFiT360

Twitter: @TFiT360

Facebook: Tomas Trainer


Q: Special thanks to:

A: Everyone who has supported me along this amazing journey! And it is only the beginning. I wouldn't stand where I am today without everyone who has entered my life. You guys are my motivation and bring me so much energy! Thank you, everyone. :)

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