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The Kovacian: Jersey Shore Sucks and the Magic Bodybuilding Mentality

KovacsJerseyShoreYou know why I hate Jersey Shore? They make it seem like you can just juice up and be Mr. Olympia. So this week, I would like to cover the topic of the "Magic Bodybuilding Pill". It isn't any anabolic steroid and it sure as hell isn't any fat burner. The Magic Bodybuilding Pill does not exist; it is really a Magic Bodybuilding Mentality.


The Kovacian Reviews the 2012 IFBB Arnold Classic!

BranchHuntingThe Arnold Classic is one of the premiere shows in bodybuilding and it's an honor to win a show like this; Branch Warren was bestowed that honor for the second time in as many years. Having just finished watching the Arnold, I feel that it would be appropriate to give my review of the top 6.


The Kovacian: Nagging Shoulder Injuries & Rotatator Cuff Strength!

Greg Kovacs d3Over the past month, I have been trying to rehab my left rotator cuff along with some other nagging injuries. I hate nagging injuries because they are like a bitchy girlfriend who won't let you go out with your buddies in peace; they're always trying to call you and interrupt a good time.


The Kovacian: Get on Your Knees Bitch!

kneeling-tyveculusNow that I have your attention with my provocative article title, let me elaborate as to what I mean when I say "get on your knees". And, no, this article is not about gay for pay again. Get your minds out of the gutter. For some exercises, people can execute them standing or seated; examples of this are, dumbbell curls, lateral raises and front raises.


The Kovacian Talks About "Gay-for-Pay" Offers!

gay2Gay for pay is as prevalent in the bodybuilding community as protein powder. I get a lot of questions about how prominent being propositioned for acts up to and including sex are. Frankly, there are a lot of rumors and stories that float around the industry and I've heard my fair share. What many people don't realize is that it fairly prevalent and, in addition to that, the requests are a lot weirder than you would care to know. Ever see something you can't "unsee"? A lot of those requests I've heard are requests I can't "unhear"


The Kovacian Reveals The Greatest Minds In Bodybuilding!

Greatest Minds in BodybuildingA common, repetitive, question I receive from bodybuilders is: Who are the greatest minds in the sport with regard to nutrition, supplementation, and general science knowledge. Personally, I have always strongly believed that to be an expert and to have unique insights in a specialty field such as bodybuilding, it’s important that a person be highly intelligent as well as have “in the trenches” and grass roots knowledge of what it is that their advising on.


The Kovacian: Secrets to a Big Back & Chest!

ARNOLD-ROWINGEver since I started training athletes, I have been observing and studying their unique biomechanics, form, and exercise execution; and there is one reoccurring issue I see with every single one of these bodybuilders.


The Kovacian: Why "Negatives" are the Most Positive Thing You Can Do in the Gym!

KovacsUnilateralTo begin, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best in the coming year. I'd also like to thank all of you for taking the time to read my stuff and for all the positive comments I have received. It's nice to know that there are everyday gym rats and professional bodybuilders out there reading my articles.


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