Romano Rage

Nothing But the Real Thing!

RomanoRagesOnNow that a few days have passed since former IFBB judge and NPC district chairman, Lee Thompson, announced the formation of his new “NPC”, out of the NPC he just left, the winds have defined their direction, so I thought I'd expound further upon this attempted highjacking of our beloved NPC and what's probably going to come of it.


Romano Olympia Rage: The NPC Will Not Stand For The NPC

15OlympiaRomanoNow that the 2015 Olympia is in the bag, it's time for me to comment on some of the more notable aspects of the weekend and shed some light on what's to come amid the curious announcements made prior to the weekend kicking off. Now, as I well know, people can become impassioned about their beliefs in certain things,


Romano in Mexico: Eating Down South!

In the U.S., Dell Taco is Lying and the Grocery Store is Robbing You!

RiceThe first things many of us think of when we hear the term "Mexican food" are tacos, burritos and fajitas.  While those items are just the very tip of the Mexican gastronomic iceberg, they have been perverted by Americanization to the degree that what you can order at Del Taco can't even be found in Mexico.  I don't mean by name; I mean by execution.  For example, a taco in Mexico does not have a hard shell, and it's not filled with seasoned ground mystery meat, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. A taco in Mexico is nothing like that.  A taco in Mexico is made with a soft corn tortilla (sometimes two) and it's filled with meat - real meat - none of it chicken.  (There are however chicken "taquitos" that are made from chicken meat rolled in a corn tortilla and deep fried.  But those are not found very often, and you really don't want them).


Training Down South!

PlateloadingWhen I first came to this little fishing village in 1982 the road from the airport to town wasn't paved. I used to eat a good Chateau Briand for two all by myself in a nice restaurant because it only cost six bucks, and there was no cable; we had to watch the Super Bowl at a little cantina called El Torito because it was the only place in town with a satellite connection. And the gym? There wasn't one.  Today, Puerto Vallarta is not only a bustling seaside metropolis, but it's - as I have said many times before - a bodybuilder's paradise.




Novitzky's Most Dangerous Game!

"There is no hunting like the hunting of a man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter"
- Ernest Hemingway

In one of Ernest Hemingway's nonfictional works, The Green Hills of Africa, he romances his passion for big-game hunting; glorifying virility, bravery, and the virtue of a primal challenge to life. 
Any fan of Hemingway's life and works knows bravado in terms relative to the author.  So much so that even if an elephant could look down the business end of his rifle the elephant would gladly offer Hemingway his broad side and stand still.  There was that sense of purpose to the hunt and no question of the righteousness of the kill. To some degree it could be said that in Africa there is big-game meant to be hunted. The resulting trophy a testament to the virtues waxed poetic by Hemingway. Even if you don't agree with the hunting of animals for sport, you can make sense of it through the words of the author.


South of the Border Update!

One of my wise old grandmother's most used and appropriate saying was: "We make plans and God laughs."  During my first six days in Mexico her words have been ringing loud enough in my ears to make them bleed.  Before I get into what's gone wrong so far, I have to stop and say that this place is still the most beautiful location on earth. Looking out over the bay of Banderas from my balcony in the early evening I just can't possibly imagine a more  stunning vista.  There are few places in the world where you can look out over a vast expanse of ocean, both to the right and to the left, and see not only the peaceful  azure blue of the pacific stretching for miles, but also lush, primitive, mist cloaked mountains dipping into the sea. There is a primordial sense about what you see from here.  I'm sure that the view I'm looking at now was exactly the same a million years ago.  When I die I want my ashes spread over this bay.


Romano's Back in Mexico and Ready to Get Big!

My plane just lifted off the tarmac in Florida en rout to Chicago; the first leg of my circuitous rout to Mexico.  I'll be taking no less than three flights today, because the Jewbacca gene in me just couldn't pass up the el cheapo air fare I got for stopping in an extra city.  I figured since I'll be gone almost three months that I could forgive a little travel time.  I mean, I did save 83 bucks a ticket!


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