Rx Rising Muscle #1: Regan Grimes!

In the Rx R10426856 10152062581122827 842107784612114414 nising Muscle series we will take a more global look on what’s going on in the fitness and bodybuilding world. We will present the hard and dedicated athletes that are on the rise to greater success.
Our first athlete in our series is one of Canada’s most promising younger bodybuilders of today, Regan Grimes.

At Regan’s latest competition he took 1st place in junior bodybuilding plus 1st in men's bodybuilding in the heavyweight class and the 1st place men's overall at the Luchka/OBrien Classic bodybuilding and fitness show in Mississauga, Ontario.

Name: Regan Grimes
Age: 20
Country: Canada
City: London (in Southwestern Ontario)
Occupation: Bodybuilder and business owner
Height: 5’11 ½”
Weight: On stage: 210 lbs. Previous off season: 250 lbs.

RX: Regan, could you please tell us what got you into weight training in the first place, and when did you decide and what inspired you to become a competitive bodybuilder?

RG: The reason I started training was to get bigger and stronger for racing motocross. I started lifting weights and loved it. Seeing results and changes in my body got me hooked! After about a year of lifting I decided to do my first show! Ever since I competed in my first show I knew that this sport was for me.

The person I most wanted to be when I started was Antoine Valliant! He has a killer physique!


RX: Do you remember the first time you entered a gym, and could you tell us about that experience?

RG: I remember going to the gym for the first couple of times, using an application on my phone. I would type in the muscle group that I wanted to work out and it would give me a demonstration of the exercises I could do!


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RX: How did it go?

RG: This was a great way to make sure my form was right and I was working the right muscles for that day, and the app was free!


RX: What are you future goals – and where do you see yourself in ten years?

RG: I believe that I will be an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, a successful business owner, and married with a beautiful family of my own!


RX: A fictional scenario; It’s September and time for the annual Mr. Olympia. Who of all the athletes who has won the title in solid conditioning of all the eras would you switch your body with and compete on the day of the competition?

RG: Kevin Levrone. He had such a classic physique… small waist, huge shoulders, and huge legs. His proportions and muscle bellies were unbeatable in my opinion. He is a huge inspiration.


RX: When are you planning to compete again?

RG: The next time I compete will be Canadian Nationals 2015, Junior Men's heavyweight or Men's super heavyweight.

My goal is to pack on 20-30 lbs. stage weight this off season. I believe with an additional 20-30 lbs. to my physique I will be a very competitive candidate for a top spot at the Canadian Nationals.


RX: Do you have any advice to young guys and girls who want to start weight training but who might feel insecure about their first workout session?

RG: They need to remember that everyone starts somewhere. And if they need help and guidance that there are personal trainers at every gym willing to help.


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RX: Regan, when it comes to income and food and workouts, do you have any advice for people who don’t have the largest bank account to really add up?

RG: I suggest shopping the sales! Pick up the paper and when chicken goes on sale and pick up a ton of it!


RX: What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working out?

RG: I love to eat!!!! Going out for food with family and friends is my favorite. My business is my full-time job and I also enjoy going to the beach, movie theater, traveling and spending time with my girlfriend, Victoria D'Ariano.


RX: Do you have any special plans this summer?

RG: My girlfriend and I own a Gym Apparel and Accessories company called BOOM Apparel Worldwide and we are coming out with tons of new products and expanding our business. You can check us out on:

Instagram at @boomapparelworldwide
Facebook @ www.facebook.com/boomapparelworldwide
Or our online store at www.boomapparelworldwide.com

In closing, if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you would like to add, please feel free to do so.

I would also like to thank Fusion Bodyb10363739 10152011100362827 7930562225537240303 nuilding for their support and fueling me with the strongest supplements in the industry. In addition I would like to say thanks for all the amount of support I received from family, friends and even just people I have on Facebook or Instagram was overwhelming.

So many people went out of their way to write me long messages, constantly commenting positive things on my pictures and took time off from work or their busy lives to come out to the shows to be there for me and support me. So thank you all, I appreciate everything and everyone who has helped and supported me along the way.

Thank you for making this interview with us and we hope to stay in touch in the future of your career. Good Luck at your next competition, the Canadian Nationals in 2015.
Keep up the good work, Regan. Wishing you a great summer from all of us at Rx Muscle.


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