Q&A with Dave Palumbo: April 15, 2009

My nan is also suffering from cellulitus too. The local doctor and district Nurses are usless! I really don't think they know what they are doing! She was in hospital with it weeks ago anf her feet are still swollen. She keeps her feet raised when she can. Other than that, ay idears on how to help the swelling go down faster?

Shes not been able to wear shoes or slippers for weeks nows (shes 85)

DP:  I wore a thigh high pressure stocking for 3 weeks.  People made fun of me, but it worked!


Dave what would you suggest for somebody using your diet who is losing weight too fast and flatting out getting weaker.


Would upping the fats be best?


Or having carb up days?


I am a fairly big guy, 183cm and started dieting at 143kg, I have been following your diet for 3 days in a row then i eat whateva i want mainly carbs every fourth day then diet 3 days repeat etc.


In 6 weeks im down to 130kg, the first couple of weeks i lost water weight as i expected but now i feel like im losing weight too fast, too depleted.


On my diet days im eating 400-600g protein and about 150-200g fat

DP: You're not using my diet.  If you follow my diet plan as I laid it out at the beginning of the thread, you follow it every day and get one cheat meal.   If you are losing weight too fast (which I doubt) then reduce your cardio.


Hey Dave. I had an appointment with a back specialist yesterday and I was told I have to take a break from lifting weights and stressful exercise for 3 months because it could affect the healing. I've had problems with it since I was 15 so I think I'll go with it. I was however thinking I could do wrist/reverse wrist curls for my forearms in the meantime as I feel no strain when I do this exercise. If I go ahead with this do you think I should still keep up my 6 meals a day and protein + creatine shakes or lower my intake for the time

DP: You don't need the creatine if you aren't training and the diet will need to be adjusted as you see how your body reacts. Likely you will have to lower your calories to make sure you don't add bodyfat.


when u fall outta ketosis how long dose it take for u to fall back in when u adjust ur diet back

DP: It depends on how you "fall" out.  If you have one cheat meal per week like I recommend, your body will return to ketosis quickly. If you have a day or more of carbs your body stops thinking it needs the ketones and then you will need a few days or even a week to get back into ketosis.


dave im going to vegas in 2 weeks and staying in a hotel what would be the best way to eat for 4 days without the possibility of cookin ur own food


and under circumstances i might not be able to have 6 meals in should i add carbs during the four days or rely on shakes and nuts and buffet meats

DP: Bodybuilders travel all the time and you can find plenty of options. Make sure you bring some protein powder and then hit the grocery store to get what you need. There are plenty of pre-cooked meats in the supermarket and most restaurants will make whatever you ask.


On contest day, can the cheeseburger and fries be from anyplace or does it have to be from a fast food place?

DP: Anywhere.


Based on my lifestyle, she didn't have any hypotheses regarding what could have caused the hightened liver numbers.


Okay, I'm going off for 12 weeks, so that should take care of the HDL levels. I am using the oils you recommended.


So, with regard to breaking down tons of muscle in the gym, are you referring to regular training stress? Or am I overtraining and not recovering adequately?



Thanks for all the time you put in here, Dave

DP: Any time you lift weights muscle is broken down and the metabolic "enzymes" released provide a false negative on liver panels.  It doesn't mean you are overtraining.


Dave , Is it ok to change the last two meals around on your diet or are they set up this way for a certain reason?

DP: The meal order doesn't matter.


Hey dave I have the clen pills that are 40mcg each what is the correct way to take it. I just started taking it On monday 40 mcg in the morning and that it so far. What is the correct way to up it. I plan on doing 16 weeks on it.

DP: Start with 20mcg 2x per day and add 20mcg every 2-3 weeks as fat loss slows.  Don't exceed 120mcg per day.


I used your diet plan for my last show with a lot of success. I followed it to the T, but right now though I am using it again with substituting tuna and olive oil for the salmon, and replacing the red meat with more chicken.


I have had ZERO cravings when not eating the red meat. I mean ZERO. Last time all I did was crave stuff for 18 weeks!


Is there something with red meat that triggers cravings in some people? The saturated fat maybe? Or is this in my head, and I have simply become more disciplined?

DP: The red meat might have made you more satisfied feeling than you were after other meals and this made you crave it more.


Hi Dave, From my very limited experience with AAS I found that orals don't agree with me. I just read that you think they suck. I found the side effects were intolerable as well as the fear of liver toxicity. 1)Is this why you don't recommend them? 2) I have a friend doing an Anavar only cycle. Is it foolish to do a cycle without Test, no matter what the other compound is? 3) Lastly, I am hesitant to use UG products. What is your take on them and should I just use pharm grade. Thanks for all your wisdom

DP: The side effects of orals outweigh the benefits, especially when you can get the same benefits from injectables.  An anavar cycle for a male is pretty worthless.  He could drop the anavar all together and use testosterone.  Of course pharmaceutical grade is better (if its real) but it is hard to come by these days. If you find an underground lab you trust then go with it.


What are you thoughts on seperating Carb and fats in off-season, i know you combine all 3 P/C/F in yout off-season diet.. but you have other guru's who are surggesting keep them seperate.. like most not all meals in before 4pm P/C and after p/c post workout but the rest P/F .


whats the diff ? is there a chance off fat gain is that why when all 3 are combined ?

DP: If you are gaining too much fat then you should reduce your total daily carb intake. If you want to grow you need to provide all the fuel all day.


dave, has anyone had success with building some Lean muscle mass with your ketogenic mass building diet? i'm on it now and i feel like i've gotten bigger already after my first bodybuilding show.

DP: If you weren't eating enough healthy fats in your diet before starting this then what's happening is that you're probably building muscle. It's happened to a lot of people that had incomplete diets before trying mine.


What exercises did you suggest to Mike Liberatore to bring up his back thickness?

DP: Bent over rows, t-bar rows, and deadlifts.


How effective do you think keto diet works on a 170lb 17 year old man who has troubles on losing bodyfat on high protein, moderate carbs (eating around 150gr of carbs per day) low fat diet, think keto diet is the key?

If he maxed out his natural potential b4 21 think he could juice with no probs?

What supplements do u usually send (eg. creatine, bcaas, whey, etc) ?

Where can I send you an email i got some questions besides this, I would like to discuss with you.. Thanks!

DP: I think the keto diet can and has worked for every type.  Email me at [email protected] if you want to become a client and get detailed answers.


Do you recommend anything DIFFERENT with your normal PCT protocol if gyno is not a concern (if that person has gotten the surgery to have it removed)?

DP: PCT is about getting your body to resume producing hormones again; trying to control gyno only comes into play during a cycle.  If you had the gyno removed you can probably get away with less anti-estrogens during your cycle.


How much grams of carbs would you recommend during PCT and after finishing it just to maintain muscle mass for 23 y/o 240lb 8%bf person?


What do you think about priming body before mass building cycle? Would it be wise to get on very low carb high fat protein diet being off all "supps" for 4-6 weeks before mass building cycle for better rebound?

DP: There is no set number - you need to find what works through experimenting.  It's easy, if you're losing muscle add more carbs and if you are gaining a lot of fat reduce them.  I never  believed in the idea of priming for a cycle; it is time wasted that you could have been growing. When you are dieting you lose fat and when you are in a mass phase you look to add muscle. Don't try to mix the two.


You've mentioned that the intake of salt on a ketogenic diet is important (or just good...don't remember anymore)


could elaborate on this? Thanks

DP: When you eliminate carbs, your cells have a hard time holding water (think carboHYDRATE).  Without fluid in the cells, they lose electrolytes so it is important add plenty of sodium to replace all that your body is losing.


Dave, during your career, you would have been the subject of many criticisms and "attacks" by ill-informed people in and out of the industry regarding your physique.some of which may even be hurtful. did their opinion upset you?how did you best deal with those people?

DP:  When people get so emotionally charged about anything, you know you're doing something right!  I don't let the "good opinion of others" influence how I feel about myself.


so basically any water based aas injects have greater chances for infection? would test base in oil be rather the same range of safety as enthate then which both carry no site enhanment at all wright? thanx alot dave

DP: Historically, water based steroids have been more likely to cause infection because people took less care to make them properly.


Im looking for a good quality testosterone booster i have been researching Novedex Xt from Gaspari Nutrition. In your opinion is that a good one to build lean, hard, dry muscle or Testolyze would work better?


Also, for training is there any do you really need like on week from training if you have been working out for more than 8 weeks or longer?

DP: TESTOSTOLYZE was more effective because it reduced estrogen and DHT. Novedex XT, while being a stronger aromatase inhibitor (maybe too strong?), is a great product, but it only addresses the estrogen problem.


Dave: The radio shows get better and better every week. I know you recommend cardio first thing in the morning. Utilizing your infamous diet stategy, can I take a BCAA supplement, like ALR Industries Chain'd Out, during my morning cardio session? If no, please explain why in a few sentances. I want to fight overnight catibolism naturally.

DP: As long as you are doing low intensity cardio, you will not lose muscle.  The BCAA's during cardio can be used as fuel and slow down fat loss.


hi dave whats ur vitamin and mineral 101 for a bbuilder??


i curently take




a miltivitamin (not very strong ne)

1000mg vitac

1000mg calcuim

400iu vita e

b complex 100mg


pre traning


100mg b co

1000mg vita c


post training


1000mg vita c

400 iu vita e


pre sleep


1000mg magnusuim

mulitvutamin x 1

60 mg zinc


is this correct, what do u reccomend for a bbder training heavily weighing 220 +

DP: If your diet is sound and you have no pre-exisitng deficiencies, you really don't need all this supplementation. I recommend the following:

- Fruit and Vegetable estract

- Coral Calcium/magnesium (1500mg)

-Essential fatty acids (o-3 and 0-6)


1. for women...is the cardio protocol on your diet the same?..low intensity..under 130 bpm?...i know that low intensity is the way to go on a ketogenic diet, but women generally have a tougher time losing the fat...so should they have a higher bpm or increase duration?


2. for men...i know this was stated before somewhere, but i can't see to find it...what is your recommended stack for a first time AAS user?...im assuming something mild?

DP: 1. Cardio is the same for women, you just might have to do more of it.



So would something like 200mg Deca EOD and 50mg Winstrol EOD x10 weeks be adequate for a bulking cycle that didn't include Test? I'm planning on staying with 20mg Accutane and 5mg Proscar daily

DP: Test should be the foundation of every cycle so I don't know why think you have to avoid it. You will get some gains from this cycle, but they wont be huge.


hey dave, im doing about 10 weeks of test...just curious can i take just Testostolyze after im done with the test?? instead of arimidex.. and wats the difference between the both?

DP: Both TESTOSTOLYZE and Arimidex are aromotase inhibitors - they are different chemicals that provide the same function.


Dave what happens when someone with a higher bodyfat % takes test or any type of steroid I always herd that if your bodyfat was high like 20% range you would just get fat is this true? What Would you recomend thanks

DP: Testosterone and other anabolics will help you build muscle and lose fat.  More muscle = more caloric expenditure = fat burning.


I get bored just walking, and enjoy the bike. I've been doing 45 min of cardio-aplitting it up in the same session, 20 min on treadmill-about 3 mph on low incline, and 25 min on recumbent bike- about 12.5 mph. It seems to be working- in combo with the diet, of course, losing a steady 1 to 2 lbs a week and leaning out noticibly. I have 14 weeks to go at this point.. Do you see any problem, or since I'm halfway enjoying it, just keep doing it? I'm not taking clean or T3. Since I'm still dropping fat, can I hold off a few weeks on trying them?

DP: It sounds good, you can use any cardio equipment you prefer, just get the time in.


In the past I've done the typical 3 day carb deplete and load in the last week before a show.


I'm currently using your keto diet plan for an upcoming show and wanted to ask . . . as a general rule during the last week, do you do 2 days of protein/vegies in an effort to deplete fat stores slightly before you add fat back in and do the moderate carb up the last 2 days or am I just making things more complicated for no reason by doing that?


Example (last week):

Monday and Tues = Protein/vegies

Wednesday = Protein/fat (normal keto diet day)

Thursday and Friday = Protein/fat/moderate carbs

DP: If you were using protein/veggie days then keep them in until Wednesday; if you haven't needed them then just keep the diet the same.


I apologize if this has already been asked but I did not have time to read through all 31 pages. I've seen a lot on this diet and hat relatively good success trying it out for 10 weeks before a vacation. Now I'm back on the wagon but have a few questions regarding the addition of Gear while on the diet. I'm assuming it is a simple stack based on Test with something else such as Tren or Winny. Can you provide some insight here? Also, what dosages?


I also got your video which I thought was pretty good but a still a little high level as it only addressed the basics of the diet. One thing I found very good was the detailed description on the free meal is needed (e.g. to ensure the T-4 to T-3 conversion continues to occur). My question is whether or not the free meal is really needed if you are supplementing the body by taking T-3? It seems reasonable that the free meal would not serve the same purpose if you are providing the T-3 directly

DP: 250mg of test and 75mg of tren every other day is a great cycle.   You should still have the cheat meal if you're using T-3.  Your thyroid is still producing some T-4 and you want to maximize whatever is there.


How many grams of fiber per day is ideal in the off-season?

DP: There is no set number, I recommend at least 1 serving of FIBERLYZE and 1-3 servings of veggies depending on your preference and tolerance.  20-30 grams per day is good.


Would you run IGF-1 all the way up to the day off the show or stop a few days out.

DP: I never recommend IGF-1 for use on my diet, you shouldn't really use it without carbs.  You'll feel like crap from the insulin surge and ensuing low blood sugar.


while on the keto diet, i still like doing intense heavy leg and back workouts, on those days should i have more fats before the workout.


DP: Stay on the diet as listed.  When you're dieting hard you cant always lift as hard as you might want to.  Know your body and what its capable of.


Does it offer me some advantage for my legs development:

Doing the lunges with a step longer than the normal?

Doing the lunges with the step backwards?

I ask you these because I spoke to a bodybuilding champion who had very good legs and told me that lunges with a longer step offers more stretching and doing it backwards offers more work to the femoral biceps.

My opinion is the following: the difference in lunges that the step be longer or backwards is minimum not to say insignificant.

If you want to strech more do stretching exercises (dead lift).

If you want to work more the femoral do exercises adequate for it (leg curl)

The depth or a better finish of a muscle in general is given by the time of work and the food, am I wrong?



Hey dave Ima natty doing the keto diet now for about 10 weeks, im down in the low 200's from 237 now, I first thought that i would only diet for 12 weeks but I'm thinking i will now forgo that original notion and shoot for 16 weeks because i don't think i'll be ready for the beach by then.lol So in order to keep these next 6 weeks as productive as possible, could you elaborate the Protein veggie days from a scientific point of view. I've been getting pissed doing an hour of cardio morning and night and not seeing much movement in the scale as of the last two weeks and we gotta fire this baby back up Thanks bro.

DP: Protein/Veggie days are a last resort to starve the fat off the body.  You eliminate fats cyclically and leave the body no choice but to tap into its existing fat stores for fuel.  You can work up to a maximum of 6 protein/veggie days per 1 protein/ fat day in extreme cases.


hey dave ive been having problems with my carbs post workout...I cant keep them in they give me horrible stomach issues often times for the whole day after words or sometimes the morning after a night workout!


Ive tried waxy maize, gatorade, and a mix of malto, dextrose and Waxy as in Torrent by universal... they all tear me up.


Is there any way i could avoid fast post workout carbs? basically im asking your take on the necessity of the insulin spike after workouts, or if im getting the same amount of carbs through the day will i recover and grow just the same?

DP: Try a different waxy maize product; Torrent includes only a small amount.  If you try my CARBOLYZE I'm sure you won't have any problems.  That is the huge benefit of WMS, you don't get the stomach discomfort that we all experienced with the old maltodextrin formulas.


Hi Dave, I'm following your 250 lb diet protocol for an upcoming comp. I've always told everyone I could eat fats but not carbs and the results are speaking for themselves.


Couple of questions:


Meal 1 for this says 6 whole eggs....for the 200 lb guys there are whole eggs with egg whites....I assume that just whole eggs is correct?


If you only had 10 cc of masteron, how would you utilize this in the final stages of a contest?


When bringing the carbs back in for carb up, what would you recommend for a carb up after cutting water at 6 p.m. friday? Or start before the water cut? I will be onstage right at 250 lbs. I have seen your first meal for contest morning but as a super heavy I know it will be a while before getting on stage and I'll have to have something else to eat. Also after prejudging are we talking one more carb meal then go back into diet food until after the evening show?


-  Just the whole eggs.

-  You really need to get more so you can run it for about 6 weeks.  100mg every other day would be a good dose.

- If you are really fat and in ideal condition then add some carbs in on Thursday.  If you are not totally depleted, add them in Friday.  Just have 30-40g of carbs with each meal, I recommend rice.  If you need more details, email me for a consultation: [email protected]


Yo Dave! I have 2 questions:


1. How long would you recommend a male stay on T3?

2. How long should they stay off T3 before getting back on again?

DP: 1. No more than 20 weeks total and that should include a few weeks to taper down.

2. Stay off for at least 8 weeks to allow your thyroid to get back to its normal function.


i would like to know if you have any suggestions on a good pre workout product, to give me a boost for my sessions? i am using your cutting diet and most products i have looked at have stims in them

DP: I used to drink a Starbucks coffee (BLACK) if I was really dragging.  Skip the pre-workout drinks and pills, you don't need them.


Hey Dave, Strong & Shapely are having a MD party, care to Crash it???

DP: Nah,  Bob sold sponsorship to his 25 year anniversary party to MD and in essence prevented some of his friends from being invited!   I'll stay home and work on bringing you guys great content for RX MUSCLE!


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