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Ask Dave: How to Choose a Gynecomastia Surgeon


HowtoChooseGynoQUESTION: Dave, how should I chose a surgeon to remove my gynecomastia?

ANSWER: Selecting a surgeon is as important a choice as the decision to undergo surgery. Choose carefully. The decision is yours. What follows is some advice to assist in making your selection.


My Weight Loss Plateaued - What Should I Do

weight-loss-plateau-smMy weight loss plateaued on your diet. What should I do?

I am new to this, so sorry if I sound uneducated, It's cause I am and would like to learn.


What Part of the Day is Best to Have Cheat Meal?

cheat-meal-day-smDoes my weekly cheat meal have to be meal 5? Can it be meal 3 (lunch) or 4? Should it be on an off gym day?

I have recently switched my workouts to bootcamp style class, spinning, yoga, crossfit and kettlebells doing each once per week, 1 hr each. Should I add carbs prior to any of these workouts or just wait and see how I will feel?


Train for a Contest When Borderline Diabetic or Hypoglycemic

Train for a Contest When Borderline Diabetic or HypoglycemicHow to train for a contest when borderline diabetic or hypoglycemic can be a tricky venture especially when one has issues with maintaining their blood sugar.

Click MORE to read Dave's recommendation.


Q&A with Dave Palumbo for Women: November 18, 2010

QUESTION: I follow Pauline Nordin's Fighter Diet on Facebook and some of the stuff she posts I question....what's your opinion on this? Wouldn't you want to absorb more fat anyway? Isn't that kind of the point if you're taking it in?


Fighter Diet Nuts are better choice than nut butters. I believe more calories get lost and undigested in nuts. Nut butters are almost predigested due to the smooth texture, meaning you should absorb way more fat from those than from whole nuts. The intestine spits some out when you give it some hard to chew on nuts;-)

DP: If you chew your nuts like a human being, the nuts essentially become nut butters in your intestines, so this analogy is not very accurate. I would have to say that NUT BUTTER and WHOLE NUTS are both absorbed at the same rate.


Q&A with Dave Palumbo

When using ketones as fuel, some get excreted as urine, does that mean the more water we drink the more fat we pee out while in ketosis,
is it more essential than normal to keep urine clear while in ketosis, to protect the kidneys.

DP: It's always important to stay well hydrated and when you are a low/no carb diet you require extra fluids to keep your electrolyzes and water in balance. Without the carbs to pull the water into the muscle it runs through the body quickly and it's important to keep replenishing fluids and salt.


Q&A with Dave Palumbo: April 15, 2009

My nan is also suffering from cellulitus too. The local doctor and district Nurses are usless! I really don't think they know what they are doing! She was in hospital with it weeks ago anf her feet are still swollen. She keeps her feet raised when she can. Other than that, ay idears on how to help the swelling go down faster?

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Shes not been able to wear shoes or slippers for weeks nows (shes 85)

DP:  I wore a thigh high pressure stocking for 3 weeks.  People made fun of me, but it worked!


Q&A with Dave Palumbo- March 13, 2009

Can you prep alone on just one compound, such as test? Or do you think you need to stack it with tren or winny? If so, which is the preference, winny or tren? Of course this assuming diet is spot on and training is a given.

DP: Adding a second drug to the testosterone will prove to be more effective. It's the concept that 1+1=3. I recommend tren over winstrol.


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