Muscle News #67- Todd Jewell Cheats Death

Jewell2How many times have you been driving down the highway are you feel your eyes slowly closing. . . unintentionally drifting off to sleep at the most inopportune moment. . . only to wake up with your wheels crossing over the white line; thumping out of control over safety speed bumps. It happened today to IFBB Pro Todd Jewell; only he didn’t wake up for the speed bumps. A collision with a huge 25-foot tall rock wall is what awakened Todd.

Jewell1This past weekend Todd drove up to Spokane, Washington to attend the NPC Night of Champions. He decided to take the 4 hour drive back home today (Monday). He broke up the drive by stopping for two hours to have lunch with his brother. After eating, he got back in the car and continued the trip. After 30 minutes, he fell asleep at the wheel. One second he was driving home, the next he was flipping end over end, tossed around like a 300lb rag doll.  When what was left of his car came to a stop, he experienced a moment of panic but quickly was able to kick open a door and get out of the car.

Todd received some minor scrapes getting out of the car but other than some bad bruises from the accident, he’s amazingly escaped injury-free. After looking at the pictures of the car, and hearing his story, the fact that he literally walked away from this accident is mind boggling.

Jewell3Todd was planning on competing at the IFBB Sheru Classic in Delhi, India in two weeks and, according to Jewell, those plans are unchanged. He’s just hoping his bruises won’t be too visable through his tan!


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