Muscle Gossip #65- Kevin English Out Of The O

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The Super Bowl of bodybuilding, The Mr. Olympia, will be without one of it’s great champions this year. Earlier this past weekend I heard the rumor that the 3x 202 Mr. Olympia Kevin English wasn’t competing in our sport’s premier contest. This is big news, so over the past few days I have verified this story with many people, and now I am certain we won’t be seeing Kevin on the Olympia stage in 2012.

index-5The past 12 months have been filled with victory for Kevin, but never without a large dose of controversy. Almost a year ago, Kevin bested 2nd place finisher, James “Flex” Lewis at the 2011 202 Mr. Olympia. Even though English walked away victorious the sheer quantity of people who vehemently disagreed with the judges must have made their mark in his psyche. In May of this year, Kevin competed in the New York Pro, home territory, and barely squeaked by IFBB newcomer Sami Al Haddad. If you have ever been to a New York bodybuilding show, you know when the crowd is unhappy they definitely let you know about it. That night the floor shook and eardrums vibrated with all the simultaneous “BOO”s.

From what I have been told, Kevin’s decision to hold off on competing at the years Mr. O is based on needing to take a break. I can only guess that these earlier close calls were enough of a warning, that he doesn’t want to risk his legacy unless he is at his best, and he must not be.

That said, I personally believe Kevin will be back with a vengeance next year, and that whoever wears his crown in 2012, better be ready for war in 2013!


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