Muscle Gossip #33- RIP Art Atwood

29890 10150206630945454 619175453 12803532 5418808 nArthur Dale Atwood died today in Dallas, Texas. He was 37 years old. The circumstances of his death are still unclear. Although, there have been several sources that have said that Art was at a pool party and fell or jumped in. When he was pulled out by fellow party-goers he was already blue and wasn't able to be resuscitated. Until the autopsy is performed, we can't know if any substances or alcohol was involved.

Art won his IFBB pro card at the 2001 NPC Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia. His professional bodybuilding debut was the 2001 Toronto Pro where he took 1st place, joining an elite club of pro bodybuilders who won their first pro show. His first IFBB Mr. Olympia came in 2002, where he placed a respectable 12th. During the span of his career, Art competed in 19 shows as a pro bodybuilder, and retired from the stage in 2006.

Atwood was arrested in 2008 in connection with Operation Raw Deal. His arrest was also tied in with the arrest of David Jacobs, who later killed IFBB Fitness Pro Amanda Savell and then turned the gun on himself.

Since his arrest Art started Professional Supplements (http://www.professionalsupplements.net/) and was responsible for bringing Vitargo to the United States. Professional Supplements and Atwood’s main product, Karbolyn, have become very popular and the growth of his company and his reputation as a businessman had recently surged. He was also highly regarded as a contest prep coach, helping IFBB Pros Steve Kuclo, Jason Huh, and many others. Art also ran and owned a nutrition store and tanning salon called, Results Dallas.

Art Atwood was one of the first IFBB Pro bodybuilders I was fortunate enough to have an extended conversation with. When we met, I was surprised by his modesty, honesty, and the friendly manner in which he spoke to me... A regular fan. Since our first meeting, Art reinforced those initial impressions every time we had a chance to interact. Art’s death is a horrible loss for his family, friends, and the bodybuilding world as a whole. He will be missed.

*More details to follow as they come in.

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