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IFBB and Nspire Settle Dispute

The disputes and legal proceedings between NPC, IFBB Pro and Nspire Sports League have been resolved and settled to the satisfaction of all involved parties.


Cedric McMillan Disqualified From 2013 Arnold Brazil

CedDQRight now Cedric McMillan sits in his hotel room here in Rio De Janeiro, shredded, covered in pro-tan, starving, and extremely confused. He’s confused because he knows instead of winning the inaugural  Arnold Brazil, like just about everyone and their mama predicted, he’ll be somewhere stuffing his  drawn-in and depleted face thinking, “Why me?”, all because he missed the Athletes Meeting today.


Muscle News #69: RIP Mat DuVall

JulyP01AToday I received some very sad news from multiple sources regarding former IFBB professional bodybuilder Mat Duvall, who apparently was found dead in his bathroom. Matt was only 40 years old. At this point, the cause of his death is a mystery but, as the details come in, we’ll keep the site updated.


2012 Sheru Classic Retrospective

sheru12As I was leaving the inaugural Sheru Classic in Mumbai, India last year in September of 2011, I felt very sad to leave.  With any first year professional bodybuilding show, no matter how successful it is, there are no guarantees the show will continue. The fact that I wasn't 100% sure I'd be returning to this magical country was upsetting in a strange way. I felt almost like an astronaut who has an opportunity to visit the moon or some distant planet and might never get to return. So you can imagine my joy when I received a phone call this year from promotor Sheru Aangrish. Not only did Sheru tell me that he would like me back in India (this time in New Delhi), but he was doing it bigger in 2013. Way bigger!


Muscle News #68- Aceto's Angels

2012olympia header1RxMuscle’s very own, Chris Aceto, has made a comeback from stage 3 melanoma to the leading contest prep coach in the business. This year, Chris has 2 guys making their Olympia debut, and two guys vying for the 212 Olympia title. I wanted to give you guys a little preview of Team Technician, and let Chris tell you a little bit about each of his guys.


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