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Big Changes at Rx Muscle! Singerman Named Editor-in-Chief!

Big bold news for the website that touts itself as "The Truth in Bodybuilding". Rx Muscle mainstay Aaron Singerman has been promoted to the position of Editor-in-Chief of the rxmuscle.com website. Singerman, who started out co-hosting a radio show called Off-Topic back in 2009, climbed and clawed his way through the Rx Muscle ranks. . . covering contests, writing gossip columns, and selling advertising. . . proving his loyalty, trustworthiness, and belief in the Rx Muscle brand, along the way. Singerman currently co-hosts 3 weekly radio shows-- Heavy Muscle Radio, Access Bodybuilding and Iron Empire Radio-- and writes about the latest happenings in the bodybuilding and fitness world in his very popular aaronMuscle Gossip column. Husband to wife Darielle and father to newborn son Asher, "Jewbacca" (as he's known by his legions of loyal fans and Rx compatriots) is poised and ready to take over the management and direction of the incredibly popular Rx Muscle website. He'll also have a much greater presence at the various top IFBB and NPC contests around the country and he promises that "rxmuscle.com will remain #1 Worldwide in Contest Coverage throughout 2013 and well into the future!"

Following the winds of change, Rx Muscle's Queen of Hearts Sally Anne Taylor, who's managed and helped develop the Rx Muscle website from its original inception in February of 2009, has been promoted to COO (Chief Operating Officer) of website. In addition to running the daily operation of what was once known as the "renegade" website, Taylor will also continue her duties as Head of Graphics and Website Development.

As previously revealed in a Muscle Central forum post, the new Executive Administrator of Radio and TV is Puerto Rico's very own Johnny Styles. Styles, who originally worked for Telemundo (an American TV station that broadcasts in Spanish), will be bringing his polished skill set to the Rx Muscle world to help increase the production value and hone a generation of new programming destined for release in 2013. Style's right-hand man in this very exciting endeavor will be Pete the Producer (formerly Pete the Intern) who claims he's ready to rock and roll in 2013!

There are many other great staff additions to the Rx Muscle family for 2013. Danielle Delikat will take over as Head of Tagging and Contest Photographers. Colleen Brennan will be working behind the scenes on planning, trip booking, and day-to-day operations.  Morgan Pagel will assist Delikat as travel tagger and videographer.  John Connor will head up the Chemical Enhancement section. And Matt Meinrod will pen a weekly column on anything and everything related to our incredible sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

Additionally, Dan Ray will continue on as Chief Contest Photographer, Bryan Hildebrand as Editor-in-Chief of Rx Strength, Gail Auerbach as Editor-in-Chief of Rx Girl. Ian Lauer as Editor-in-Chief of Mens Physique. And Chris Aceto as co-host of Heavy Muscle Radio and Technician to the bodybuilding elite!

And I, Dave Palumbo, will continue as President and Chief Visionary of my baby, RxMuscle.com. . . The Truth in Bodybuilding!