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Lie Greene? The Predator vs The Parasite!

Hurricane Sandy was rapidly approaching Long Island. Local officials urged residents in my waterfront neighborhood of Seaford, NY to evacuate, immediately, and my good friend Ron Noreman generously offered to put me up in his home to wait out the storm. After watching the tides rise to the front steps of my home I called Ron and his wife, Nancy, and I took them up on their offer.

Ron's house isn't a bad place to crash. His home is situated in a gated, guarded community with 30 foot tall ceilings, a 4,000 square foot gym that must be seen to be believed and a huge kitchen stocked with every free-range, grass-fed, organic and designer food that any bodybuilder or health food nut could possibly want.

As luck would have it, although safe from the ravages of shoreline flooding, Ron's home lost power several hours into the storm. Faced with no computers, no cable TV or movies we decided to open several bottles of fine wine. Ron, being a health food nut and having just finished competing in 3 recent bodybuilding shows was no match for the wine and caught a buzz after only two glasses. It was the perfect time to quiz Ron further about his alleged contest prep of Kai Greene. I started the conversation by informing Ron of an email I received from an Rx Muscle board member who attended a Kai Greene seminar in Ireland. At the event, when Kai was asked about the Ron Noreman controversy, Kai reportedly volunteered, "You know, when your famous and successful, sometimes parasites try to attach themselves to you".

I could see Ron burning up, even in the darkness of a power outage. With more wine taking its effect and Ron's anger escalating, I knew I was about to get an exclusive scoop for Rx Muscle. Ron was busting at the seams and blurted out the following (and I'm paraphrasing): "Lie Greene doesn't even know what the truth is. He doesn't use his real name (editor's note: Leslie). He has the world convinced that he lives in the projects in Brooklyn and makes sure he gets filmed there for the media. He really lives in a luxury home in Brooklyn; not in the ghetto. The media shows him walking or taking the bus to the gym, fish market or wherever. He really has a 2012 Acura truck. His story and his integrity are no more real than his hair extensions; hair extensions he gets done in the beauty parlor every six weeks like Britney Spears".

We talked a while about Kai's diet, supplement and training schedule for the O. I saw Ron check his iphone to recall a few specific conversations. A bit more wine and conversation and we decided to hit the sack for the night. Ron provided me with my own second floor wing of the house with a couple bedrooms and my own full bathroom.

Unable to sleep in the middle of the night, I strolled through the house downstairs to the kitchen only to find Ron's phone sitting on the counter. Too juicy to resist, I took a peek at his text messages. When I got to Kai's messages I was shocked at what I saw. I believed Ron's previous insistence that he helped Kai so I wasn't surprised about the existence of the text messages, but the depth of the back and forth, student–teacher-like exchange for weeks and weeks prior to the Olympia were mind-bogling. There was page after page of detailed questions from Kai and instructions from Ron. Kai was even frantically asking for instructions backstage at the Olympia. That's right; backstage!

To authenticate the above, so Ron's role can no longer be rationally denied, I have enclosed a small sample of these text messages below. Before I swiped these messages, Ron separately mentioned that he may release all 50+ pages of Kai texts to the public. He also mentioned he has several un-erased voicemail messages. If I were Kai, I would come clean and be careful about insulting Ron publicly again.

kai kai3 kai5

And knowing Ron for 20 years I can tell you that he is not one to be taken lightly or to be underestimated in any way.

Clearly this all changes the debate to a knockout by the "Parasite". This just leaves us with one more question; why does Kai refuse to tell the truth? When he looks in the mirror every morning he must be asking himself if it was all worth it to destroy a good friendship, ruin a financially beneficial business relationship and destroy his ability to work with a nutritionist who, actually, got him in the best Olympia shape of his life.  But, alas, only Kai knows the answer to that question!