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Backstage at 2012 NPC Nationals With Aaron Singerman

Shaun Clarida- Bantemweight

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Shaun Clarida left NPC Nationals, his first national level show, after not placing last year with a mission. He decided to take the full year off to build and rest his body. This year, he has just walked off the stage, and although this only prejudging, he made a statement with his Flex Wheelerish shape, and unparalleled conditioning. From the press pit, it looks like Shaun completed his mission.

Shaun has been completing for 7 years and just recently won his class (Lightweight) in both the NPC Golds Classic and the NPC East Coast. He made the decision to drop a weight class and come in totally peeled. As a bantamweight here today, he looks big and round compared to the rest of the class.

When I mentioned that he reminded Dave and I of a smaller Flex Wheeler, Shaun said, “Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Lee Labrada, and even Marvin Ward… I admire those guys. I look up to them.” I asked him if his gets his IFBB Pro card when will he compete, and he said, “I won’t wait forever. I will be one of those guys who uses his pro card.”

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